SuiteCRM Plugins

Our SuiteCRM Plugins are very popular in Suite market as we offer what organization are in search for. Using our plugins you will find a great change while communicating with customers. In fact, every plugin have several features that can assist you to bring a vast change of reinforcing business. SuiteCRM plugins were many and all play a key role for the organization as we offer only those which gives you ease when communicating with someone.

Twilio sms plugin

SuiteCRM Twilio SMS

Tired of sending SMS one by one to your contact members? Here we are ready to introduce a SuiteCRM plugins Twilio SMS where your extra effort is going to save and you can send SMS in bulk at one time. Surprised! Such kind of extension can play a key role in every organization that works via SMS. For example- those who are working in the marketing business, you can promote via SMS by using the plugin called Twilio SMS.

  • Here the details of your former customers always remain saved
  • You will get a chance to send SMS just with the help of SMS Templates
  • You can also stop the service by using our Opt-out option

Twilio Power Dialer

It’s quite tricky when communicating with many customers so to resolve your problem we have introduced Twilio Power Dialer that is ready to handle this job. Now you will see a SuiteCRM plugin that can manage multiple phones at a single time so it is a time-saving one and of course zero percent chances are there where you need to show some high effort when communicating with customers. For example- No need to dial your own customers continuously, Twilio Power Dialer can manage multiple phones swiftly.

  • Recording of your customers always remain in a safe zone
  • Chance to set the delay time if you want to
  • Save your precious time when Twilio Power Dialer is here
SuiteCRM Twilio Power
SuiteCRM Twilio Call

Twilio Click to Call

Similar like Twilio Power Dialer but a little bit different as here Twilio offer this Twilio Click to Call feature where the clients are allowed to manage one call at a single time only. There are no such managing multiple phones and even the customer can write a review in a message if they want to. Communication level here always remains strong as chances are high to maintain a relationship with customers in the future too.

  • If someone calls you, a pop-up appears on the screen
  • Your recordings with customers always remain saved
  • Absolutely time-saving add-on when communicating with customers.

SuiteCRM Database Backup

Our add-on automates the process of data SuiteCRM Backup as it gives customers the ability to create data backup thrice a day according to the time of your preference. At the same time, it also sends a notification to the user on a real-time basis giving a detailed overview of the data saved. It also automatically removes the excess data once it reaches a certain limit set by the user. For example- using SuiteCRM Extension Backup, you can save your customer’s data as the plugin keep their data in a safe zone.

  • No time limit, you can set your data anytime
  • You can share data from one server to the next server
  • If you want to delete data, you can set a time limit too
Database backup

global hide manager

SuiteCRM Global Hide Manager

So much crucial information customers shared with you. If you don’t want your customer data to get stolen then better would be hiding all sensitive information. For this, you need an ultimate product like Global Hide Manager. No technical finesse is needed. The product enables you to hide/unhide Buttons, Fields, and Sections. It’s now easy for the organization to hide the records based on their status. 

  • A user can hide or encrypt the characters of any record in CRM like $$$71119
  • Global hide manager can Hide values in List/Edit/Detail views. 
  • This extension lets you hide or disable fields based on Class, Index, and Hyperlink

SuiteCRM Drip Campaign

Drip Campaign has the potential to engage your users in a more personalized fashion. Customers are at the core of any existing business and they deserve more personalized interaction. We understand that the Drip Campaign extension may take time to develop but after that, it works swiftly and that’s what you need for your business. For example- Using our SuiteCRM plugins, you can send multiple emails and you will opt for the best email marketing strategy.

  • Drip campaign takes into consideration their activities and preferences.
  • Get rid of the same old redundant messaging in this SuiteCRM Addon.
  • Drip campaign also gives more enhanced and personalized emailing known as Drip.

drip campaign
SuiteCRM Recycle bin

Record Restore Manager

Our plugin called Record Restore Manager comes with the ability to recover lost data at any point in time. With the help of SuiteCRM plugins, you can relax and concentrate more on increasing productivity and further enhance their functionality. With the help of Record Restore Manager, customers do not have to face the discomfort of not being able to restore lost data. If any data is lost by any error, it can simply be restored with the help of this unique and highly important tool. For example- there is a chance when you lose customer’s data so this SuiteCRM plugin can play a key role for you.

  • Only admin has the power to restore the data
  • In just     one click, data can be restored
  • There is also separate admin section for restoring data

SuiteCRM Theme Style Builder

This can be interesting as you are allowed to use the fonts and different theme styles, thanks to an extension called SuiteCRM Theme Style Builder which is basically for this purpose. Now no need to wait for the designer, just use by yourself as a variety of color are there. Well, such kind of SuiteCRM extension is required because it can assist to bring change in the productivity of your CRM Layout. No such restriction when Theme Style Builder is here for you.

  • You can change the color of list view and edit view
  • Different font style are here for your business work
  • Change the theme of CRM if you want to
Theme style Builder

suitecrm email to lead

SuiteCRM Email to Lead

Using SuiteCRM Email to Lead, the addon can create cases through inbound emails. Moreover, users simply get access data in different modules and the modules are like leads or contacts. The Addon SuiteCRM Email to Lead gives a chance to every customer an ability to save their prominent data in different modules with the assistance of inbound emails automatically.

Therefore, users can save their valuable time and increase overall productivity while working on this SuiteCRM Addon. For example- a chance to create a record in a quicker process, credit to SuiteCRM Email to Lead that offer this feature via inbound email for SuiteCRM.

  • You can automatically assign the record to team members
  • Chance to select any module as a target in this SuiteCRM plugin
  • It can save your quality of time and effort too.

Document Bulk Uploader

It can be a hassle for the clients when they want to upload the document one by one. We understand the situation so that’s why we have introduced a plugin called Document Bulk Uploader for you. You get a chance to do this uploading process a single time now. Multiple documents now can be uploaded in just one go so this SuiteCRM plugin is too interesting. For example- You want to save your efforts by uploading the customer’s document, our tool can do this process swiftly.

  • Entire document gets attached to the parent recording in this SuiteCRM Plugins.
  • While uploading, you can see the document status
  • Your document can be sent to a custom module
suitecrm bulk uploader

SuiteCRM Google signin

Google Sign-In

Okay, so how many of you are unknown about the one-click CRM open concept? If you don’t know then let us share a new aphorism for you and that is Google Sign-in. Using this extension you don’t need to remember the password and all, just one click, and your CRM will open. Here the Admin has to set Google Domain for sign-in users. Your time will save while going to work on CRM, what else do you need now. For example- Some ventures don’t want to write passwords or IDs again and again so make sure they operate these SuiteCRM plugins.

  • Set the Google Domain for sign-in users
  • A time-saving extension when going to open CRM
  • You can set roles and teams for new users to signup.

Server Error Finder

Any particular error you get on your server, you will receive an email instantly to see that. We would like to introduce a product called Server Error Finder that will help you to know the FATAL error on both Server and SuiteCRM. Now there is no requirement to give access to all your professional Developers. Not only the instant error notification you will receive but also all the error reports at the end of the day. 

  • You can choose multiple errors to be added to your report. 
  • This extension will show you errors from the server log files and SuiteCRM Log files. 
  • The error log file location path can be easily editable as per your server configuration.
server error finder

SuiteCRM Activity Monitor

A Great product we introduced is called SuiteCRM Activity monitor which maintains reports of all users’ activity. You will check out those reports at your desired email address. The extension is so advanced that it not only enables you to inform about record delete but also lets you know how many times a user accessed there. This Free plugin is beneficial because it saves you completely from internal threats. 

  • A user can check out the performed activity like View (List/Edit/Detail) and Save
  • Best of all, it lets you track the activity performed before this add-on installation.
  • The product is compatible with all the SuiteCRM modules. 

Server Health Check

Another paramount product that helps you in monitoring the server’s health is the Server Health check. A user doesn’t need to do this operation manually now. You will see the reports that include Disk space, RAM Consumption, and CPU usage. Best of all, it monitors the server 24/7 so that issues get resolved more quickly. The report of your server health will be delivered to your desired email address too. 

  • The functionality to get an Instant report of server health is possible.
  • Simple to add 5 more different disks too and you can monitor that as well.
  • You will always receive a Warning email when the disk or CPU crosses the data value you set.
server health check
Outright store Plugin

Sensible solutions with a realistic idea, Outright Store is here

For your business purpose, Outright Store is ready to share some achievable solutions for you where you will be guided properly about the CRM software that how it can be your first priority. We know the organization may feel discomfort when there is no CRM software so we can guide you where you may find any problem whether it’s the SuiteCRM platform or SugarCRM. We deal with every novice or even with large scale ventures who are in search for some feasible solution regarding CRM. Get in touch with us and share what queries you need to solve and our team of experts will assist you at any time.