SuiteCRM Plugins

SuiteCRM Plugins

SuiteCRM Plugin & Custom Module

Plug or Plugins as they are usually called are custom business logic that is integrated with your SuiteCRM. They assist businesses in increasing and multiplying the functionality of the SuiteCRM. Particular Plugins serves the purpose of integrating a set of actions into your SuiteCRM and also executes their actions.

The basic difference between Plugins and SuiteCRM Integration is that the former does not require the assistance of SuiteCRM Developers and can be easily installed. The SuiteCRM Plugins market is massive and easily find one that suits your business requirements.

However, due to the existence of so many options, it makes the task of selecting that suits your requirements even more difficult. As mentioned earlier the market for Plugins is quite big. Therefore, we have put together a list of Plugins that will help you in making your decision easier.

SuiteCRM Global Search

Searches are the most crucial aspect of your SuiteCRM. Not only do they have to be fast but also accurate. Faster Global Search for your SuiteCRM Plugins gives users access to more search options.

  • SuiteCRM Global Search gives users the ability to choose their search module.
  • SuiteCRM Global Search also gives users to filter exact or anywhere search options.
  • SuiteCRM Global Search also equips the user with the ability to search within all the fields of the selected modules.

As mentioned above searches play an essential role in the functioning of any business. Searches must be fast and accurate. SuiteCRM Global Search does exactly that for you, not only does it get the job done in a timely manner, it also does at a faster speed in comparison to the default search option available to the user.

SuiteCRM Global Search
Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaign

I’m sure you are aware of the Drip Campaign extension. It can be quite complicated and one often wishes for more personal interaction with customers. Here is how you can achieve your goal of giving more personal attention to your users.

Drip Campaign has the potential to engage your users in a more personalized fashion. Customers are at the core of any existing business and they deserve more personalized interaction.

  • Drip campaign takes into consideration their activities and preferences.
  • Drip campaign also helps you to get rid of the same old redundant messaging
  • Drip campaign also gives more enhanced and personalized emailing known as Drip.

SuiteCRM Email to Lead

Create Lead with data parsing from Inbound Emails. Default SuiteCRM Plugins allows users to create cases through inbound emails. However, users often wish to access data in different modules such as leads, contacts or any other module. Usually, data is entered in different modules manually but SuitCRM email to lead gives customers the ability to save data in different modules through inbound emails automatically.

Therefore, users can save their valuable time and increase overall productivity. Email to lead Plugin from Outright will perform this task for your SuiteCRM. You simply need to configure your settings within the configure module section and it will take care of the rest on its own.

SugarCRM Professional Email To Lead
Automatic Backup

SuiteCRM Backup

Every business is dependent on data maintenance. Fear of losing crucial and vital data can jeopardize the smooth functioning of any business. Big businesses often face huge data loss. which makes it much more essential to back up your data. Data is usually maintained on an hourly basis and it requires a dedicated individual to back up the data manually. Which can be quite a time consuming and hectic.

Our tool automates the process of data SuiteCRM Backup, not only that our tool also gives customers the ability to create data backup thrice a day according to the time of your preference. At the same time, it also sends a notification to the user on a real-time basis giving a detailed overview of the data saved. There is lots of function provided by our SuiteCRM Plugins and it also automatically removes the excess data once it reaches a certain limit set by the user.  

Record Restore Manager

Default SuiteCRM does not come with the ability to restore lost data. However, Record Restore Manager Addons comes equipped with the ability to recover lost data at any point in time not only that it can also recover lost data stored in multiple modules. This key feature is not present in the existing default SuiteCRM Plugins. With the help of this extension, users can relax and concentrate more on increasing their productivity and further enhance their functionality. With the help of this tool, customers do not have to face the discomfort of not being able to restore lost data. If any data is lost by any error it can simply be restored with the help of this unique and highly important tool.


Global Hide

Global Hide Manager

This addon can give users the ability to hide any item from any section of their SuiteCRM. Users can also place certain restrictions on the field or section of their SuiteCRM. With the help of this tool, users can hide any item such as buttons, icons, symbols and much more.

These days secrecy is of utmost importance, protecting your important information from any third party is of great significance. Any big business cannot compromise information related to their business. Due to a leak of information businesses can incur a loss. In order to avoid such discrepancies, one can utilize this extension and further protect their vital information.

SuiteCRM Direct Delete Option from List View

Existing default CRM comes with the option of deleting. however, that option is available in the detail view. Which means one has to access the option in the detail view if they wish to delete something. Which is eventually quite a time consuming and frustrating. Our plugins SuiteCRM Direct Delete Option from ListView gives users the ability to delete easily from the list view. Which results in making their task far much easier and more convenient. Which also helps in improving the functionality and productivity of their business. So if you have become tired of the same old delete option, you can utilize our SuiteCRM Plugins to make your life much easier.


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