Don’t fret when SuiteCRM GDPR is available to keep your data in a safe zone as no matter whether it’s an abundance of data or not so much, get incomparable experience from here. GDPR always keeps business data their first priority as here the entire process of data safety is simple, and they strive to go only for accurate methods regarding data protection.


What is GDPR?

The data is considered to be the backbone of every venture because it’s quite hard to imagine business running without data. So, for that, we want to introduce to you General Data Protection Regulation which in short known as GDPR. The private information data is always in a safe zone of EU citizens as their data privacy is in the hands of GDPR where you never face any hassle regarding data loss or anything. But before going dig about the GDPR and significance for CRM, you should understand the essence of it that its key privacy was

  • Their first privacy is providing data breach notifications
  • It simply anonymizes collected data to protect privacy
  • They need the consent of subjects regarding data processing
  • Also, need companies to appoint an officer of data protection just to oversee GDPR Compliance

How Can CRM Help With GDPR Compliance

GDPR obligations can be tracked by CRM and can be easily configured to ensure that the GDPR is compliant. In fact, most of the CRM come well equipped with the necessary functionality to ensure that your GDPR requirements are met.

 Implement GDPR Policies

CRM can be made compliant to the GDPR on a fixed set of conditions. If the conditions dictate that you only require customer’s names and email address to carry out your processes. Then CRM can be configured to make sure that is the only information it will be able to store.

 Consent Management

CRM can be easily SuiteCRM Integration with all points of contacts including telephony email and website forms. This enables you to maintain a record of all your user interactions in a centralized database. Similarly, user consent information can be stored against each individual record as well. This makes it easier to keep a track of user consent and can be easily accessed as compliance evidence when required. It also makes it easier to update user records at the time of updating or withdrawing user consent.

 Data Security

Top CRM comes along with highly sophisticated safety features such as data encryption multilevel security, anti-hacking tools, and regular updates. Therefore, they assist you in complying with the highest data security standards and stop data breaches.

 User Access Rights

Efficient CRM systems allow you to assign roles and access rights. Allowing you to assign multiple levels of user access and make sure that only authorized personnel to have access to sensitive data.

 Right to Erase Data

We have a product regarding this concept and that is Global Hide Manager where you have a chance to hide something like fonts, sections, and fields of the SuiteCRM platform. You can use this addon so that no such third-party can use your data and you never face a situation like data loss. Your company data always remains safe when Global Hide Manager plugin is here and the best part is you can hide contact information or even customers names here. The plugin can comply with the GDPR regarding data safety so go for it.

 The Conclusion

In today’s age issues related to personal data and how it is utilized by businesses are of great significance and the worries of data mishandling are quite prevalent. GDPR is going to play a major role in the functioning of any organization around the world in the years to come and it is wise to make preparations in advance. The correct CRM can help you deal with these concerns efficiently and further develop customer relations and eventually increase productivity.

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