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SuiteCRM DocuSign Connector

Time Saving 2 way DocuSign Connector

  • Real Time 2 Way Sync of documents between SuiteCRM and Docusign.
  • You can preview and download the complete document.
  • Customer history will be maintained in CRM.

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SuiteCRM DocuSign Connector

SuiteCRM Docusign Connector

Send your business documents with your digital signature from SuiteCRM to your customers instead of going to meet them. We have an extension called SuiteCRM DocuSign Connector which saves your precious time by helping you for a digital signature where you can add it to your CRM and can share that document with your customers. DocuSign Connector is a faster and most reliable addon for signing purpose which not only saves your time but also raises business productivity as well. Using DocuSign Connector, you will always receive a notification whenever someone sends you any document as you always be updated.

For example: You are working in a company and daily you have to sign a lot of documents for your business activities. So, this signing documents and sending physically is an old method as using DocuSign Connector you can do digital signatures and can send documents from your CRM rapidly. The entire process is secure and safe.

Key features of DocuSign Connector:

  • Bi-directional template sync: After installing this plugin, all templates available in the DocuSign will sync with SuiteCRM and you will be able to use them in SuiteCRM as well. And if you upload any template in SuiteCRM then it will automatically appear in DocuSign.
  • Field Mapping to Document: Automatically pulls customer data from CRM and uses it in the document (agreement, contracts, NDAs, etc). With help of this, you can merge customer data to create documents.
  • Send Separately: This feature allows you to bulk send a document to multiple recipients. If your business deals with high-volume document distribution then it will be ideal for you.
  • Send to All: This is the one-click method of sending a document to multiple recipients collectively. With this, all recipients need to sign the same document. For example, vendor/supplier agreements need to be signed by both parties i.e. the vendor and supplier.
  • Edit templates in SuiteCRM: If you want to make any changes to the templates then you don’t need to go to DocuSign for this. Simply, open the template in SuiteCRM and edit it right from there.
  • Real-time status update: Get visibility into the latest agreement status and recipient’s activities.
  • Add recipients from SuiteCRM: Records saves in the contacts, accounts, leads, and target module can be added as recipients to any template directly from SuiteCRM.
  • OAuth 2.0 Authentication: For integrating DocuSign with SuiteCRM, we have used OAuth 2.0 authentication method. It means after authorization users won’t need to use their credentials again and again.

Conclusion: It’s time to get used to a digital signature which can take your business to the next level. The plugin DocuSign Connector is worth using for CRM business which not only helps you for the sending and receiving documents but also can save your quality of time regarding signature purpose. No such process of going to sign documents as the extension is here for your assistance. Understand the features of DocuSign Connector above and how it can enhance your business.

Download the user guide

 User Guide

Download the Installation guide

 Installation Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How does data sync between the SuiteCRM and DocuSign?

We use APIs and webhooks for instantly transferring data between both applications. Therefore, all information sync instantly.

Can I create multiple DocuSign templates in SuiteCRM?

Yes, you can create multiple templates. Also, you can send it to various persons from different like leads, accounts, contacts, etc at one-time.

Can I Check the status of the sent document?

Yes, it is easy to check out the status of the document that you have sent to your client.

What settings do I need to configure in SuiteCRM for sending templates via email?

In order to send templates from SuiteCRM, you need to configure an outbound email account first otherwise, you will get an error message addressing the same issue.


1 review for SuiteCRM DocuSign Connector

  1. jaceforan

    I am a docusign user and CRM user as well but I was sending documents through docusign and managing data in CRM manually.I got this plugin when I needed the most. Thanks Outright Systems!!!

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