SuiteCRM Google Sign-in Integration

SuiteCRM Google Sign-in Integration

Single Sign-in with Google Account

  • User can sign in simply using google login.
  • No need to remember CRM credentials.
  • Admin can set the roles and teams for the new user’s signup.

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SuiteCRM Google sign-in

Users can Sign in SuiteCRM with Gmail Account!

You don’t need to remember the ID, password all the time to open your CRM. We want to introduce a plugin called Google Sign-in Integration where in just one tap, your CRM will open. Entering an ID password to open all the time is an old method now. The plugin is very helpful as if you are admin then you can easily assign roles to your new users. Furthermore, you don’t have to write whole details to sign-in, so you can say that a plugin is time-saving.

Let’s understand with an example: Suppose you want to register one account then of course, it may take a lot of time to complete the process. Going with Google Sign-In Integration, there is no such long process as everything goes faster and in an accurate way. One-click and your CRM will open so a plugin can save your time too.

Key features of Google Sign-In Integration:

  • Admin can simply set G-suite for sign-in users.
  • No such need to remember ID Password all the time. Google Sign-In extension can save your quality of time.
  • For better security, Google Sign-In Integration has a feature where admin can off the normal log-in functionality for the users.
  • After creating a new users account, you can assign roles and teams to them.
  • Creating new users via Google sign-in can possible as Google Sign-In addon creates it for a particular Google domain.

Concluding Note: Registration process is quite frustrating because of entering ID, Password, address all the time. We have the best feasible solution as Google Sign-in extension works faster and saves your precious time. You don’t need to keep Log-in details in your mind all the time. The plugin is worth to use so get aware of advanced features that can help you in your daily work.

Download the user guide

 User Guide

Download the Installation guide

 Installation Guide

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2 reviews for SuiteCRM Google Sign-in Integration

  1. anthony.foran29

    This is the time saver plugin it makes user registration process easy and fast. Great Functionality!!!!

  2. jaceforan

    I found this plugin every useful as my employees were not good at learning passwords, this plugin helps everyone logging into CRM using their gmail account. Nice button placed at exactly their where we want. Good work outright team..

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