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SuiteCRM Google Sign-In Integration

Google Single Sign-On with SuiteCRM

  • User can sign in simply using google login.
  • No need to remember CRM credentials.
  • Admin can set the roles and teams for the new user’s signup.

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SuiteCRM Google sign-in

Users can Sign in to SuiteCRM with Gmail Account!

This plugin uses your Google Workspace account for the single sign-on (SSO). How many times has it occurred to you that you created a complex password for ironclad security but ended up forgetting the password yourself? The solution to this problem is Google Single Sign-On integration. With this, you won’t even require a password for logging into SuiteCRM. Just click on the “Sign in with Google” button and your email will be automatically verified to log in.

  • Authorized Google SSO: Add a custom email domain ( and all the users with the same email domain can automatically log in to SuiteCRM.
  • Create users Automatically: When using this plugin, new SuiteCRM user accounts will be created for those users who are signing in for the first time and have authorized domains.
  • No-click login: Once authentication is done, users won’t even need to click on the sign-in button to get into the SuiteCRM. Just by opening the CRM link, they can access the SuiteCRM.
  • Block unauthorized access: Google sign-in integration with SuiteCRM will ensure that only authorized users can access SuiteCRM. For just you need to enter the valid email domain in the configuration.
  • Assign setting to user and group: The configuration made for the authorized email domain can be assigned to particular groups and user types as well.
  • No more compromised passwords: Since users won’t need to remember their passwords or save them in the browser, there will be zero chance of passwords being compromised.

Download the user guide

 User Guide

Download the Installation guide

 Installation Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How can it save the time & effort of User?

Remembering an ID password and entering it to open CRM is an old method. In just one tap you can open your CRM system by using this latest addon called Google Sign-in Integration. It saves your time and efforts.

Why is Google Integration Required?

There is much-needed of Google Integration in day to day business activity as you don't have to write ID password to log-in relentlessly. Moreover, Admin can set up G-suite for sign-in users.

Key features of Google Sign In

The ebay features of Google-Sign in Integration is here it saves your time and efforts for not typing password ID again and again. Admin can easily off the normal log-in functionality if required.

How to enable this Plugin?

To enable this plugin for your work, you need the installation guidance step by step. For Google Sign-in Integration, we have shared some steps for you where we can also guide you what to follow first then next.

Additional feature like assign role to new users

Like other plugins, Google Sign-in Integration too enables role to a special users easily.

How to integrate Google Sign In With SuiteCRM ?

The process is simple just click on Sign-in with Google button and then log-in with your Google ID. The next and the last step is Log-in into CRM with the similar Google-ID. The process is done to integrate both platforms.


2 reviews for SuiteCRM Google Sign-In Integration

  1. anthony.foran29

    This is the time saver plugin it makes user registration process easy and fast. Great Functionality!!!!

  2. jaceforan

    I found this plugin every useful as my employees were not good at learning passwords, this plugin helps everyone logging into CRM using their gmail account. Nice button placed at exactly their where we want. Good work outright team..

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