Refund Policy

We have excellent extensions for your business but some of you are not satisfied due to numerous reasons. You don’t need to stay fret as we will refund your money within 30 days of your original purchase.

We don’t provide any refundable process for products that are sold under a 3 days trial. You already got 3 days to try. So you have to cancel the subscription within 3 days for them.

Furthermore, if there is any technical issue that you are not able to handle then get in touch with us before asking for a refund.

Share your queries regarding any addons. We can guide you in a better way as possible.

How to submit a Refund request?

If you want your refund back then there is no such long process to follow. You just have to share your refund request via email to us. After that, we will ask you some questions regarding the extension or about the refund so answer every question. We will not accept your refund request if you apply for the plugin upgrades or annual renewals. So, no partial refunds for License Downgrades, Early Termination and Un-applied Discount/coupon codes. It will only be granted for Original License Purchase.

Our Terms and Conditions before going to Refund your Money :

  1. We will refund within 30 days after you submit refund requests.
  2. The refund process will be acceptable for “Buy Now” category addons i.e. addons which price is below $150.
  3. Before you submit a refund request, we want all of you to meet us and share your queries first.
  4. You want refund to be granted then make sure to complete uninstall and deactivate our addon from your site
  5. If your issue created because of using the third-party product or other software then your refund will not be granted. It’s not our fault
  6. No refund will be granted after 30 days of the original purchase
  7. No money back on the renewal payments and if you are having automatic renewal then the process is you will receive an email to your renewal date. You can strive for this opportunity just to cancel the subscription. Make sure to use it before renewal payment automatically processed.
  8. Duplicate purchase on same product ( accidental purchase ) will be refundable on lowest price from all of the versions.
  9. You are advised to use this plugin initially in development version before using this in live version.
  10. If you can not provide us the FTP, server or CRM access regarding any configuration and functionality then please provide us the clone zip of the CRM with blank database.

You started using our extensions so you are agreed with our Refund Policy above and also relinquish any rights whether it’s about the subject of any question, about Judgement and even Legal actions.