Why choose us?

The Direct Response Television (DRTV) CRM solution we offer is very versatile and suitable for every DRTV agency.

Lead Management

A centralized place for all your leads, prospects, and clients.

Get a panoramic view of prospects & clients, including company & contact details, lead status, lead source, decision-maker, etc.

Access all information related to leads from a single user-friendly interface. Instantly search for leads using the Global Search Bar. Also, quickly add new leads to your database.

Schedule meetings easily on the basis of the roles like contact manager (CM), Assistant Producer (AP), Executive Producer (EP), etc.

Integrated Productivity Tools for efficiency

Leverage the in-built scheduling & marketing tools for better performance.

Efficiently schedule meetings between producers and clients through integrated Google Calendar.

Send automated drip emails to leads and prospects using the in-built email drip campaign tool.

Engage with your client directly from CRM with the help of click-to-call functionality.


Seamless Integration between business applications

Create a unified single system by connecting platforms

In order to get complete insight, sync existing marketing automation platforms like Mailchimp with CRM.

Link your website forms and landing pages with CRM to generate leads directly from the web.

Connect the productivity tools of your Office 365 to get the optimum outcome.

Workflow Automation

Features that can automate the workflow and daily operations

Buttons like send an email, follow up, reschedule appointments, etc for instantly converting the status of leads

Pre-defined roles in CRM like Researcher, Contact Manager (CM), Assistant Producer (AP), Senior Producer (SP), and Executive Producer (EP), etc for role-based meetings.