Ultimate 15 Email Marketing best practices for 2023

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Last Updated: December 21, 2023

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Let’s be honest as in our daily routine we always check our email box to see whether there is an important email to check out or not. We always considered email as the most advanced and effective marketing channel so you all need to understand the email marketing best practice 2023 to improve your performance. 

This can be shocking for you but that is the reality as 99% of the customers check their emails every day as they know that it is one of the most special and perfect platforms to get in touch with big business entrepreneurs. 205 billion emails are sent every day. Not only do customers have faith in the email channel but if we talk about business professionals then we would also like to share that 80% of users find email platforms can help them to increase their customer retention. Shocking! 

Every marketer works first via email because no other can match the level of the email platform as 59% of users trust email strategy the best. After all, email assists them with the biggest source of ROI. Users around 61% like to receive promotional emails every week. Well, these statistics highlight how powerful this marketing channel is and can rapidly enhance your experience. 

Most of you have just started your business so it’s very crucial for you to know the best practices for email marketing today. If you keep your business stronger from the starting days then you all know what will be the result. We are going to compile a list of email marketing best practice so just read out all the points given below. 

Our list of email marketing best practice 2023 for you

Let’s walk through the whole blog to find out how to improve your performance when it’s about working on email. Have a look-

  • At present, personalization you need to understand

Around 35% of marketers send 3-5 emails to their customers per week so do you think that your customers will like the idea of sharing similar content with everyone all the time? This is a bad idea you need to burn this. 

Must understand that getting engaged with the customers is not so easy but not an impossible strategy.  Show them your craft in such a way that they find out your email is something unprecedented. 

So, personalization will show customer’s value as an individual. Your personalized email will rapidly receive 6 times higher transaction rates than others. 74% of marketers said that targeted personalization can boost customer engagement.  We understand your problem that manually personalizing the email can’t happen as you can say that it is impossible. Solution? You need to automate the process with the assistance of email marketing software as read out CRM Email marketing software separately.

Email Personalization
  • Getting aware of your customers should be on your list

This is quite challenging email marketing best practice but important for you when it is about the email marketing campaign. You are working to parse customers so are you working to get aware of their activity and everything about them? 

Just remember one thing: the more data you collect the stronger your business will be. It is the universal fact as you all should know about their browsing pattern, purchasing history, and many more. Why is their data important? 

If you have raised this question then let us tell you that their data gives a signal to create a personalized campaign instead of any tedious campaign for them. 93% of B2B marketers chose email first to share the content. Use email marketing services for this which can help you to catch their data as you don’t need to open up all platforms to gather their data. 

Unique Customer Experience
  • Creating a segment is a big deal in this task

We don’t know about your work but we researched and got to know that storing the contact information in one place can help to check out the trend going on. This is true as it will allow all of you to see which segment you want to create. 

Add this to your best practice for email marketing because it is going to help you in your present and future. You have a chance to share the right content with the right person. 59% of the respondents said that email marketing influences their purchasing decision. This can give you an incomparable experience while working on the campaign for customers. 

The tip we want to share here is you can find out any kind of segment but it’s up to you which is more reliable for your organization. 

  • What is the correct time for sending an email?

If firing messages off to your customers is your only aim then change your idea as soon as possible. Why? You all should be aware of what is the best time to send an email whether at weekends, end of the month or send on alternate days. 

This is a big question that everyone wants to know but let us clear one thing here there is no day or time you need to keep in mind. All you have to see is which works for your business. 

We have a solution for you- create 3-4 campaigns and send them at a different-different times and on different days. Check out their performance to see which campaign shows better results by sending on that day.

Email Sending Best Time
  • Keep your eyeballs on email deliverability too

This is considered to be one of the best email marketing best practices in 2023 which you should pay attention to first because it is about your business activity and work performance. 

Suppose an email that you send to your customers is not reaching your customer’s inbox and the email is going straight to the Spam folder then you are in trouble because the hard work you showed while sending an email with crucial details is going to vain. 

This is the reason you always should check email deliverability rates. The solution is to check your email properly before sending whether the links that you mention are opening properly or not. 

Email Deliver-ability Guide
  • Set your email contact list by cleaning it regularly

We all know that everyone receives humongous emails all the time some are most important where you can flash out your business brand and some are of no use to you. Are you keeping those emails in your list which are of no use to you? 

We saw many keep them instead of removing them but our suggestion is to keep those emails away from the business work that is of no use to you. Like you sent an email to a prospect 1 year ago and he didn’t respond to you till now. What are you waiting for? Remove him from your email contact list and make sure to clean up your email list regularly.

  • Track campaign performance is best for email marketing

We consider this as email marketing best practice which you need to bear in mind. Why? Everyone works hard when working on the email campaign task and want to know the performance of which campaign is result-oriented or which one is not. Correct? 

Whenever you build up any email campaign then set the objective first that what you want to achieve from that campaign like if you want to raise followers, want to hike up your traffic website, etc. 

After that, you can show up the changes the next time that customers like if you find out that the customer wrote something negative or wrote down the suggestion for you. 

Track Campaign Performance
  • Question your customers that what they need

Not everyone is a genius just by sharing a few words with customers to get aware of what they need from you. It is an important job to ask your customers know what they are looking for. 

This can help you in many ways like focusing on that work, building up a crafty email marketing campaign, getting the strategy to do the job, and much more. We will choose this as the top email marketing best practice in 2023. Our suggestion here is to ask them via email marketing newsletter on social media and send SMS too. Around 83% of users prefer e-newsletter as a part of their marketing work and 40% of users said that e-newsletter is the best task to gain success in marketing. 

  • Set your mind to sending the welcome email too

Do you think that sending a welcome email to your customers can work? Of course, it can as this is a perfect idea to build up good relationships with your customers. Around 80% of the users open up welcome emails if someone sends them. 

This email practice you should always remember this because it can also assist you to keep your email list clean. Furthermore, how amazing that would be when you get connected with your subscriber and flash your product and brand with them. You can start a good journey with your subscribers, thanks to welcome emails here.

  • Must work on the pre-send checklist

Nobody wants to make a bad image of their business and no one wants their work activity to meet up with failure. If you do proper strategy then you can’t face any of these aspects that we have shared above. We want all of the marketers or all those who find that getting engaged with customers via email is a good idea. 

You need to prepare a checklist before going to select the send button. We can share the steps that you need to follow and those were: customize your name, the subject line should be clear, personalize the content, easy to unsubscribe, etc. We would also like to mention that 56% of brands using any emoji on their subject line had a higher open rate if compared with other strategies. 

Email marketing best practice 2020
  • How about sharing rewards with your loyal customers?

Think smart and work passionately! You get engaged with your customers and you turn them into your regular customers who always deal with you and find your organization one who can give the best ideas. 

Well, this email marketing best practice you should understand to make your relationship stronger. Have you ever shared a few rewards with them? Sharing the rewards with them and retaining them are plus points for your organization. So, what you have to do is improve your email program by sharing the discount and offers with them that they will surely like. Around 73% of millennials like communication should be maintained with business through email only. 

  • Understand the importance of landing pages

We will highlight these as best practices for email marketing in today’s time as you are working on your campaign but the question is where you want your customers to go or where you are sending your recipients. Send your customers to the landing pages rather than sending them on your website home page or your product line homepage. 

This is the best idea where customers feel like you are a professional in this job. Sending them to your landing pages makes sense as you will find yourself near to your goals of getting engaged with customers and maintaining a relationship with them forever. 

  • Don’t get disappointed when the user unsubscribe

It is not possible for the entire user to whom you send email campaigns like your work and gets connected with you. Everyone has the different-different choice.

It is okay if they unsubscribe as there can be many reasons behind but your role is to make the unsubscribe system easier for everyone instead of creating a complex situation. Make sure that in just one click, they can unsubscribe because it can’t be difficult for them to find out that SPAM button. Think about it!

  • Understand users also prefer email on mobile device

There were a lot of smartphone users who choose to do everything like checking social media, checking other activities on their smartphones only. You will be shocked to know that 88% of the users check their emails on their mobile phones. And 35% of business professionals check their email via mobile device only. Interesting! 

We are adding this too on email marketing best practice 2023 as here you have to design your email template in such a way that it can also be viewed clearly on the mobile device. No customer should find out that watching the email template on mobile is a daunting task. 23% of the users who open the email from their mobile phones open it again later. 

What is your role here? Your email width should be maximum 480px, strive for a large font to improve readability, send your customers on mobile-optimized landing pages, CTA buttons should be wide, etc. 

  • Alt-text is just for the SEO work?

No, Alt-text is not just for the SEO work for their strategy as it can also be helpful for your email work if you want to improve it and make it more accessible. Not talking about you, but many email providers block the images or other material. 

We don’t know the reason behind this but in the case of alt-text, it provides all of you some insurance that the reader gets the messages. The role of the alt text is to show the recipients a blank image with some amazing and creative product images of your business even with the action-oriented button. This last email marketing best practice you can adapt to your email work activity. 

Summing up

Let me tell you that 50% of the United States respondents check out their personal email account at least 10 times a day. Even they have spended 350 million dollar on email advertising last year. This shows how email work has made its image in everyone’s life as our day starts by sending an email to the prospects and ends by sending an email of Thank You and all. This year 2023, we want everyone to endeavour the email concept for their marketing business as there are no such other criteria they should follow after understanding the importance of email. For your assistance, we have shared best practices for email marketing that can give you a chance to share a seamless experience with your customers and turn them into your regular customers. Understand the top 15 email practices that can upsurge your venture more quickly and improve your work performance.

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