Frequently Asked Questions

1. When a trial gets started, when I will pay for a product?

The trial period started immediately after your purchase. You get an email for the payment cycle which is usually after 72 hours or 3 days.

2. Do I need to do anything to pay on PayPal?

No, it’s an Automatic Payment. There is no such complex process.

3. How can I download a purchased product?

When you register at, we will verify your email address. We will send an email with login instructions. You can copy those credentials from there and then come back to store. After that, click on “My Account”, Login with given credentials. At top-right menu, there is download section. Install Outright Utils then download Product Zip.

4. Why do I need to install Outright Utils before installing any product?

Outright Utils is a core and unique package developed by us. It provide extra security to whole Application and make development life cycle easy.

5. Why do I need to repair after each product installed?

Repair is a unique process to accept all changes into SugarCRM or SuiteCRM. It is a good process to keep Repair on regular intervals. Repair process ensures the Database is correctly synced with newly developed code and all schema are matched.

6. What will happen when I will upgrade SuiteCRM / SugarCRM? My product will work or not?

Yes, the product will work. When SuiteCRM or SugarCRM release a new version, we check all our products on the same day. We release the latest version on the same day. You will get notified immediately after our new release. You need to install the patch for that version if needed.

7. Will Outright Store stop “One Time Purchase” Program?

No, we believe in our words and commitment. All products from our store will be a One-time purchase always.

8. What Categories of products Outright Store will provide?

We are currently working on SuiteCRM and SugarCRM products. We strongly believe in Automation, so all our current products will be in these categories.

9. Where I will get my license key?

When you log in at our store, your license key will display on the same row where the product is displayed after purchase.

10. What is the guarantee of the Product?

The team at Outright Store is highly skilled in coding, testing, and development practice with more than 13 years of CRM development experience. We have more than 500 satisfied clients over the globe. We believe in Client satisfaction.

11. Is there any Trial period of products?

Yes, the product more than $150 will provide 3 days Trials. It gives you the freedom to test product.
When 3 days are over, your PayPal Account will automatically get charged.

12. What should I do if my product does not work as expected?

You can cancel your subscription from our store or PayPal account.

13. Why I should verify my email address before setting up an account?

A verified email address ensures we are not hacked or getting played from bots.

14. When I will get charged for my purchases?

When you Trial period expires, you will get charged automatically.

15. How to install purchase products?

Each product comes with an Installation guide directly on the product page. 

16. How many Payment methods we accept?

We accept major credit/debit cards including Master Card, American Express, and Visa. We also accept PayPal, which is a leading online payment system.

17. Do Outright Store provide Demo / Support for purchased products?

Yes, we provide to everyone. We love to hear from you and always love to help. You are welcome to start a chat session at the store and we will be more than happy to help you. Moreover, there is no time limit for asking Support. You can even ask for Support after 6 months of purchase( Just an example).

18. How we get the new version of product?

Please contact us on email or chat for latest Product version. Drop your message here: