SuiteCRM SMS Reminder

SuiteCRM SMS Reminder

SuiteCRM SMS Reminder with Dynamic Recipient's List

  • Get SMS reminder at a predefined time prior to a meeting
  • Create SMS Reminder Lists to reuse for recurring meeting types
  • Reminders will remove automatically if meetings get rescheduled
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SuiteCRM SMS Reminder

The SuiteCRM SMS Reminder extension is a powerful add-on that enhances the functionality of SuiteCRM by allowing users to schedule SMS reminders for team members before meetings. With this extension, users can set the timing of SMS reminders and create recipient lists for different meetings. It aims to improve team communication and ensure that everyone is well-prepared and informed about upcoming meetings.

Real-life Example:

Imagine a busy healthcare clinic using SuiteCRM to manage patient appointments and staff schedules. With the SuiteCRM SMS Reminder extension, the clinic’s administrators can now schedule SMS reminders for doctors and nurses before their appointments. They set the reminders to be sent 1 hour prior to each patient visit. Additionally, they create recipient lists for different departments, like “General Medicine,” “Pediatrics,” and “Cardiology,” allowing them to reuse these lists for recurring appointments. This extension ensures that medical staff are well-prepared for each patient encounter, reducing wait times, and enhancing overall patient care and satisfaction.

    • SMS Scheduling: The extension enables users to schedule SMS reminders for team members before a meeting. Users can specify how much time in advance they want the reminders to be sent.
    • SMS Reminder Lists for Recurring Meetings: It allows users to create recipient lists for different meetings, which can be reused for recurring meetings with similar attendees.
    • Manage Recipients on the Fly: The extension provides an easy-to-use interface to manage and update recipient lists. Users can add or remove team members from the lists as needed before setting the meeting SMS reminder.
    • SMS Reminder Queue: Here, you can see all SMS reminders that are scheduled to be sent and already sent.
    • Remove Reminders for Rescheduled Meetings: If a meeting date or time is changed then the preset SMS reminder will be automatically removed. In this case, you’ll have to set reminders again.

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