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How to create the Google APP from Google Developer Console?

How to create the Google APP from Google Developer Console?
Integrate the Google functionality with a third-party app or use the Google API, you will require the Google App. You will create the google app for Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contact, Google docs, and many more Google features list.

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Automatic Backup on Single Click using SuiteCRM

From above all the important aspect of data recovery, here we are going to introduce the best and effective plugin SuiteCRM Database Backup-Restore Manager for MySQL Database recovery on single click using SuiteCRM.
Here are some Key Features -:

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Suitecrm backup
Suitecrm Performance

Improve Suitecrm Performance

My SuiteCRM is slow, I have to wait for many seconds, sometimes a few mins, the situation is getting worse as time passes?
Worried about performance, what should I do?
Most of us face the same situation, I am trying to explain here core reason and their possible resolutions. Here are few culprits around.

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Importance of SSO (Single Sign-On) in CRM

What is SSO(Single Sign-On) ?
Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication process to access several applications with a single set of login credential (such as name and password). SSO provides the services where you must log in only one platform and can access multiple platforms.

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CRM Server and Disk Planning

CRM Server: Plan Your Disk

What is Disk Planning and why it is important?
Disk planning is keeping a record of your disk to usage trends. You have to know your disk capacity, how much space you have to required for different parts to perform. You must plan for elastic data storage as part of your server solution.

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Your First CRM : Plan Your Server

The whole business is going to run on CRM software, that is going to mean in many ways.
Several simultaneous users using the application in many tabs.
Several internal Schedules jobs will run.
Several huge reports will be running.

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SugarCRM and Suitecrm Hosting
Role of Content Promotion

Website SEO: Role of Content Promotion

If you are a website owner, pushing hard on SEO for your website, This page might be eye-catching for you. I have struggled with SEO efforts over 6 months, then finally I got my roads.“ Content is king”, in my last article, I have been disagreeing with my verdict, which is “Trust is the king” if you trust what you sell and your customers trust you, only then you rocks.

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SEO Journey For Beginners

SEO SEO & SEO, Search Engine Optimization, seems easy stuff? Get some competitor list, pull backlinks, pushing people to visit a site and you do? Yes, you started to get some traffic and you feel you may be good over time passes? Expert says “Content is king”, now you started pushing more and content like 4-5 each, again you feel you will be good.

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Search Engine Optimization

Ubuntu Best Practices For Common Issues or Sudden Slow down!

Lot of time we are facing some common issues in ubuntu like sudden sites load slow. We tried lots of commands to overcome the issue but nothing worked for us and also checked the LOG files to figure out the issue but it’s time killing, without any luck!!

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SuiteCRM Twilio Connector – Best integration of communication in CRM

Twilio is a well known and most popular cloud communication platform available which is secure and 99.9% success rate of API.
The important thing is how fast we reach to the customer and give the best offer, here reach to customer matter. Although SuiteCRM has campaigns sometimes communication over voice is necessary.

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SuiteCRM Twilio Connector