SugarCRM Plugins

For your business to grow more, your customers are everything for you. You have to be clever that how to win the heart of your customers so that your relationship with them always stays strong. Still, every organization looks for some changes that how they robust their business platform, so we want to introduce to you with our SugarCRM Plugins which can help you in your entire business activities. Growing organization in a positive way is everyone’s priority, so we have shared a solution with you to go for our Plugins which has such unbelievable functions that can build up a positive path for you to go for.

To meet up customers and make strong relation, go for SugarCRM Plugins

Remember one thing, engaging with the customers can make them feel valued, so our SugarCRM Plugins assist you to reach to them without any hassle. Now the question is what kind of Plugins we offer to our clients. Well, we guess you have seen many in the market, but we offer only advanced plugins which are worth to use in your day-to-day business. Let’s dive into the plugins matter and check out the details given below that what those plugins are and how they will help you.

SugarCRM Global Search

SugarCRM Global Search

Searches are a very important part of SugarCRM, and they must be relevant and fast. Faster Global Search plugin gives your SugarCRM much more options to perform searches. 

  • Users can now search their preferred modules.
  • It also gives users the ability to perform anywhere search options or filter exact.
  • Users can also now search in any field of the modules.

Drip Campaign

Drip campaigns can be a bit difficult to use and users do look for a more personalized and tailored solution. Drip Campaign can help you in achieving exactly what you are looking for when it comes to more efficient customer interaction.

  • Email Drip campaign analyzes and observes their activities and behavior.
  • It also eliminates the redundant messaging process.
  • It gives a more enriched and enhanced emailing process.
Drip Campaign for SugarCRM
SugarCRM Email to Lead

SugarCRM Email to Lead

Default SugarCRM Plugins create cases from the emails received. But the need arises for users to access data in modules like leads or contacts. Data has to be manually entered into those fields, but with SugarCRM Email to Lead data can be now saved in multiple modules through the process of automation from inbound emails. 

  • It helps save time and money.
  • It increases efficiency and productivity.
  • It makes the process easier and convenient.

SugarCRM Backup

Data is the most important aspect of any business and loss of data can be quite detrimental to the growth of any small or large organization. However, such threats can be eliminated with the help of SugarCRM Data Backup. You no longer have to fear data loss or enter data manually in order to save it.

  • The process of data backup is done automatically.
  • Users can create data back thrice in a day.
  • Users can also set time preferences to create data backup.
  • Users also receive a notification when data backup is created.
  • Users also get a detailed overview of their data backup.
SugarCRM Backup
SugarCRM Twilio SMS

SugarCRM Twilio SMS

Sending SMS one by one is an old method and is time-consuming for sure so if you need such plugin where your precious time will be saved then Twilio SMS we have. This tool is most powerful because you can send SMS one time in bulk, no need to show too much effort folks. Suppose you want to send SMS to many customers than in just one click, you can send to everyone. Let’s understand its features:-

  • First feature is, if any of you want to read out the earlier conversation of their customers then you can. Your conversation always stays alive here so no chance to miss any SMS.
  • Suppose you have decided to stop the SMS conversation now, use Twilio SMS API, and they know how to do this. All you have to do is just type and send STOP. Here the Opt-out option is available for this job.

Global Hide Manager

Users often wish for a more personalized and customized SugarCRM Plugins. It is a proven fact that a more tailored CRM leads to an increase in efficiency and increases overall productivity. You can achieve this with the help of Global Hide Manager, it allows users to hide an object, section, icons or buttons and much more on the SugarCRM. It also allows a business to comply with the newly introduced GDPR regulations and hide customer-related information such as their name, contact number and so on and so forth.

  • It gives users a more personalized and tailored SugarCRM.
  • It allows users to Hide and Button, section, icon or filed on the SugarCRM.
  • It also enables users to become more GDPR compliant and protect customer information.
Global Hide Manager
SugarCRM Auto Dialer

SugarCRM Twilio Auto Dialer

Tired of calling customers one by one? Get in touch with our plugin called Twilio Auto Dialer which is ready to face the responsibility of managing multiple phones and here it saves your time and no hectic moment when working on Twilio Power Dialer plugin. Now let’s find out how Twilio Power Dialer is an interesting plugin for you:-

  • There is no chance of missing any call. Suppose if you are talking to someone and suddenly the next customer calls you, a pop-up appears on your screen then. The choice is yours whether you want to accept or disconnect.
  • Want to hear the earlier conversation between you and your customers? Twilio Power Dialer offers a feature when your call recording always gets saved so a big relief here for most of you.