SugarCRM Plugins

To meet up customers and make strong relation, go for SugarCRM Plugins

Remember one thing, engaging with the customers can make them feel valued, so our SugarCRM Plugins assist you to reach to them without any hassle. Now the question is what kind of Plugins we offer to our clients. Well, we guess you have seen many in the market, but we offer only advanced plugins which are worth to use in your day-to-day business. Let’s dive into the plugins matter and check out the details given below that what those plugins are and how they will help you.

SugarCRM Recycle Bin

We have developed a plugin that fulfills the much-needed functionality in SugarCRM. Here, we are talking about the SugarCRM Recycle Bin extension, which is an integral part of any CRM system. Let’s have a look at some of its features.

  1. It can restore bulk records in just one click.
  2. Restore data that was deleted before plugin installation.
  3. Restore data based on specific module (Module Filter)
  4. The plugin can also restore linked relationships modules
  5. Activities like calls, meetings, tasks, notes, emails, and history will also be restored back to their original condition.

SugarCRM Email to Lead

This advanced SugarCRM Plugin can create cases, leads, and prospects from the incoming emails. If you’re not using this plugin then data has to be entered manually, which could lead to clerical errors. Now with SugarCRM Email to Lead data will be automatically parsed into CRM. The level of automation our plugin offers is uncanny.

  1. Create a record in any SugarCRM module via incoming emails.
  2. Prevent duplicate records from being created based on subject and phone number.
  3. Parse lead information from landing pages, contact forms, survey forms, etc.

SugarCRM Google Calendar Integration

Keeping your Google Calendar meetings in loops with CRM users can save a lot of time. If your meetings are scheduled between calendar and CRM then chances of double booking and overlapping will be null. See how SugarCRM Google Calendar manages to integrate both platforms seamlessly.

  1. Sync meetings, calls, and tasks in real-time.
  2. Add attendees and guests to a meeting directly from CRM.
  3. A person can sync all his/her calendars.
  4. Get a detailed report of events scheduled in a day

SugarCRM BCC Archive (Lite)

If you want to keep the conversation centralized coming from various devices then SugarCRM BCC Archive would be the best choice for you. This is functional for keeping sales, marketing, and service departments in touch with each other. Simply add the inbound email in BCC and it will parse subject, email body, CC, and TO into CRM.

  1. Parse “TO”, “CC”, “BCC”, Subject, and Email Body into CRM Users can create data back thrice in a day.
  2. The data will be updated in CRM in real-time without any discrepancies.
  3. It is compatible with all email service providers and custom domains.
  4. The plugin works in all cores as well as custom SugarCRM modules..

SugarCRM Unique ID Generator

In order to distinguish records from each other, it’s crucial to generate unique IDs for records in CRM modules. No matter if there are hundreds of thousands of records, our plugin can generate serial numbers with unique IDs for all of them. Here are some features of SugarCRM Unique ID Generator.

  1. Add prefixes and suffixes to classify records between modules. (AB-1-XY)
  2. Inserting padding character as you like. (********7535, ###483094)
  3. Assign serial numbers to the existing record first.
  4. If you want then you can choose a custom opening number for records in modules as well.

SugarCRM Mailchimp Integration

A business uses many applications in order to get things done perfectly. However, to avoid creating data silos all of the business applications need to be in sync with each other. Especially integration of data-rich applications. To do the same, we have developed SugarCRM Mailchimp Integration plugin.

  1. Select which SugarCRM modules you want to sync like Leads, Accounts, Contact, Target lists, etc.
  2. Track email usage statistics like CTR, subscribed, etc directly from SugarCRM.
  3. Sync Tags, audience, subscriber’s list, campaigns, etc bi-directionally.
  4. No duplicate records will be created in the SugarCRM database whatsoever.