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SuiteCRM Email to Lead or Anything

Create Anything like Lead From Inbound Emails

  • Create records automatically to Any module like Leads from Inbound Email.
  • You can set many fields with predefined tokens.
  • Create records by inbound emails automatically.

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SuiteCRM Email To Lead

SuiteCRM Email to Lead : Create Lead with data parsing from Inbound Emails

Generating leads more rapidly with the help of email process as we want to introduce to you a powerful extension called SuiteCRM Email to Lead. The extension is very helpful for your email business task as the entire emails from your customers you can capture via incoming mailbox.

The best feature of Email to Lead extension is creating records in multiple modules. Your expectation of running your business in a positive way and increasing productivity is possible if you entail Email to Lead plugin in your business.

For example: You are running your business for a long period of time, so we are sure that you receive humongous emails daily. Sending emails one by one to your team or even arranging in a proper format can take a lot of time. You can use Email2Lead plugin for this which saves your time and efforts. Moreover, generating leads and assigning tasks is possible here.

Features of Email to Lead

Let’s understand some features of this plugin

  • You can create records here and it can be done automatically. Using Email to Lead extension you can create records via inbound emails. Furthermore, these records can be created in any target module.
  • The next feature of this plugin is about the notification. You will receive the notification on the Email ID of your preference.
  • Finding some accurate data of customers is simple. CRM plays a key role in capturing email descriptions. CRM can capture data and this is important just to fill the text body.
  • Using Email to Lead addon, mapping of fields is possible and also you can see that all the fields can easily be selected.
  • Assigning the records by using this plugin can be done. Email to Lead plugin will help you to assign the task to your team as the entire process goes automatically.

Conclusion: We have shared an extension that frees up your efforts in business. We know that most of the business work via email, so we are sure that Email2Lead generates revenue and raise your organization productivity. Well, creating cases in multiple modules is possible and more features are there which we shared above. Understand its features that how it will enhance your business.

Download the user guide

 User Guide

Download the Installation guide

 Installation Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Features of SuiteCRM Email to Lead plugin?

The plugin SuiteCRM Email to Lead has features like you can create the record automatically for any module. If you want to create a record in inbound email then it is possible and the process will be done automatically.

Enhance the business with SuiteCRM Email to Lead

It is complex to create leads for business, so for your assistance we have introduced SuiteCRM Email to lead extension where creating leads is possible via email. It is the holistic method to enhance business forever.

Why is Email important in every business?

Email is considered to be the first choice if you want to parse leads for business or want to make good connections with the clients globally. Email helps you to do a lot of things like marketing, sales, etc.

Generate Leads lifetime to purchase only once?

Just one time purchase and capture more leads for your business that you expected. The cost of this plugin for you all $599.

What is the purpose of Email Marketing Software add-on?

Most of you found that email marketing is the accurate process to get engaged with the customers. You can flaunt your brand properly with the email marketing software.

Why is Lead important for any organization?

Businesses want leads in every purpose of their business activity as getting leads is half of the job done and fulfill their need, you did all the process to strengthen your organization.

Enhance the opportunity to generate Lead in SuiteCRM

If all of you want to hone your goals of generating leads then make use of this extension called SuiteCRM Email to Lead for your business work. It can enrich your experience by giving much better functionality.

What are the benefits of using SuiteCRM Email To Lead?

Some of the benefits of SuiteCRM Email to leads were: the plugin can be useful for mapping your fields and even the fields can be selected. You will also receive the notification on your email ID preference only.


4 reviews for SuiteCRM Email to Lead or Anything

  1. joemarley558

    I always wanted this plugin which will create an automation between my emails and CRM. now I can convert my emails to any module of CRM!!!

  2. Matteo

    I am just trying and I will let you know my experience

  3. Tanna Bana

    Nice Effort Man

  4. Mayer Elyashiv

    Awesome solution. I was surprised for bringing it to our customer SuiteCRM istance. It gave him a trading leverage and consistent advantage against competitors. Our customer and i were relly satisfacted about SuiteCRM Email to Lead and about the level of assistance OutRight CRM gave us.

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