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SuiteCRM Mailchimp Integration (Premium)

MailChimp Integration with SuiteCRM

  • Sync all core and custom fields in both platforms in real-time
  • Use Multiple Mailchimp accounts & assign them to different users
  • Track email campaigns activities with Mailchimp Subscriber Dashboard

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SuiteCRM Goole Calender Lite VersionNo doubt, both Mailchimp as well as SuiteCRM are data-rich platforms. However, Mailchimp is a more marketing-oriented application whereas SuiteCRM acts as a centralized customer data hub. If these platforms are not linked together then it could lead to data silos. The solution to this can be a plugin that is capable of syncing the information of both platforms in real-time and bi-directionally. Also, when it comes to bridging the gap between various departments like sales and marketing, no other option would be a better fit than seamless integration.

Real-life Example: Typically, SuiteCRM remains the true source of customer data. The information available here is up-to-date always. So it would be great for marketers if there is a way to automatically update the information in Mailchimp in real-time. In this way, customer data, target lists, campaigns, etc will always be in sync and up-to-date on both platforms. Furthermore, marketers can check out the email usage statistics like Sent, Unsubscribe rate, Opening rate, etc from SuiteCRM as well as Mailchimp.

Features of SuiteCRM Mailchimp Integration “Premium”

  • Real-time and Bi-directional Data sync: If you are using this plugin then data synchronization will happen in real-time and bi-directionally. We can assure you that there will no kind of discrepancy at all.
  • Sync Custom Mailchimp Fields: Marketers usually create custom fields in Mailchimp as per their business requirements. Therefore, we have made syncing of these custom fields in SuiteCRM very convenient. With the help of the field mappers option from the SuiteCRM admin section, you can sync custom fields.
  • Use Multiple Mailchimp Accounts in SuiteCRM: In the Premium version of the SuiteCRM Mailchimp integration plugin, you’ll be not limited to one Mailchimp account. Here, you can easily sync multiple accounts separately.
  • Assign one Mailchimp account to a specific module(s): Suppose you want to assign the leads module to a dedicated user and a Mailchimp account then it is possible to do so. As a matter of fact, you can choose any module for this purpose.
  • Keep an eye on Email Usage Statistics in SuiteCRM: We have also made sure that you see crucial email usage statistics and metrics like Sent, Clicked, Opened, Bounced, and Unsubscribed in the SuiteCRM as well. This way you won’t have to open Mailchimp solely for looking at these statistics.
  • No Duplicate Records: Before creating any new record, our plugin first scans the existing ones to avoid any kind of duplicity. If the plugin finds a record with the same email address then instead of creating the new record, it will update the existing one.
  • Target Lists, Audience data, Built-in & Custom fields, and Campaign details will sync: The plugin is capable of bi-directionally syncing the tags, subscriber lists, custom Mailchimp fields, records from Leads, contacts, accounts, or any custom modules.
  • Subscriber dashboard: Here, the user can check out various crucial metrics related to email campaigns like recipient’s IP address, the last action like subscribe, record module and ID, Web ID, Mailchimp ID, etc in SuiteCRM.

Download the user guide

 User Guide

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 Installation Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to link Multiple Mailchimp accounts in the Premium version of SuiteCRM Mailchimp Integration?

Yes, you can easily set up multiple Mailchimp Accounts with the help of the Premium version of this plugin. Not only this, but you can also assign them to separate SuiteCRM Users and Modules as well.

What email campaign details can I see in the SuiteCRM?

The plugin allows the user to see campaign details like the IP address of the recipients, Mailchimp ID, Web ID, Recipient’s last action on email, their record module, etc. You can easily see this information in the Mailchimp Subscribers Dashboard.

What entities will be synced between Mailchimp and SuiteCRM?

All the changes made in the target lists/tags will be visible in real-time on both platforms. Furthermore, custom fields and standard fields will also get synced.


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  1. ram das

    Simple to get the Email usage statistics with Mailchimp and SuiteCRM Integration. This is an A+ Plugin.

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