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Our Plugins are best because of


Minimum configuration

We have made the installation and configuration process as easy as it can be. In fact, 90% of the process will be automated. You may only need to put the appropriate API keys and the plugin will be ready to use.


Automated Issue reporting

if any issue occurs, the extension will notify you immediately via email. Not only this, but it will try to fix the issue on its own automatically.


Daily reporting

Be relaxed and see the plugin working. At the end of the day, all of our extensions will send a performance report to the user.


Real-time updates

No need to wait for the scheduler to run anymore. We use the latest technology called webhooks in most extensions. It will show you live and real-time updates..


One time Payment:

No recurring charges, pay once and use the extension for a lifetime. In addition to this, there is no user limit and other bars, utilize the plugin’s potential to the full extent.


Instant Download

As soon as you purchase the plugin, the package will be available to download, install, and configure. You can start using the plugin within a few minutes.


Our Dedicated team of Professionals

In-house development: All extensions are designed and developed by the store team. There is no median or third party involved, we believe in interacting directly with customers.

Seasoned developers: The OutRight Store has become a renowned name in the CRM industry by providing advanced SuiteCRM and SugarCRM products and services.

Video assistance: We love to make videos to help customers. You will get videos for most of the learning time.

24/7 Customer Support and Service to assist you

Fast and Reliable Customer Support: As said earlier, everything is done by expert in-house developers and you can directly talk to them. We will be at your service immediately during working hours via live chat and email.

We’re easily accessible: Want to have words? Let’s connect via WhatsApp, Skype, Slack, Hangout, Amazon Chime, email ([email protected]), or any communication channel that you prefer.

Support hours: No days off and that’s how we work. Need help, simply tell us and we’ll assist you regardless of odd hours.


Apart from selling extensions, we also provide CRM support, customization, and other services. Know more about the support plans which include but not limited to technical support, development hours, fast response time, and much more.

Support Plans