SuiteCRM Theme Brand Builder

SuiteCRM Theme Brand Builder

Brand Your SuiteCRM Skin In Your Colors / Fonts

  • Varity of Choice to use endless colors, fonts.
  • Select the font style from the font-family section.
  • Your data always remain intact.

 Supported to All SuiteCRM Versions

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SuiteCRM Theme Style Builder

SuiteCRM Themes Customization

You can professionally change your CRM by yourself as we have an extension called SuiteCRM Theme Brand Builder where you get a chance to select themes and fonts according to your choice. There were numerous varieties of colours and fonts for your CRM as no such requirement of hiring any professional designer to complete this job. Using SuiteCRM Theme, it not only improves the user functionality but also raises the business productivity.

For example: You want to change your CRM Layout, so most of you look for some professional designer to complete this entire job. Well, going for SuiteCRM Theme addon, you can do by yourself and make use of a variety of fonts and themes and there is no such chance of data loss when changing CRM layout.

Key features of SuiteCRM Theme:

  • You can select an endless variety of fonts and themes by using SuiteCRM Theme extension.
  • Using SuiteCRM Theme, you are not restricted to a particular theme.
  • Now an easy way to change the colour of list view, edit view and detail view by going for SuiteCRM Theme.
  • Going for such changes improve functionality. A better chance to strengthen business productivity.
  • The theme you made for CRM Layout, users can apply for that.
  • When you upgrade the existing CRM then your data always remains intact.

Concluding Note: We have refined your daily task on CRM as using our addon SuiteCRM Theme, you can choose humongous colours and fonts whatever you like as the process of changing CRM layout you can perform by yourself. Many of you want to make their CRM a fascinating or creative one, so we are sure that this extension can assist you and reinforce your business productivity for the future.

Download the user guide

 User Guide

Download the Installation guide

 Installation Guide

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2 reviews for SuiteCRM Theme Brand Builder

  1. rafanercessian (verified owner)

    Really awesome add-on!! A+

  2. sbradleyjones92

    This plugin made my CRM colorful !! very easy to use just choose your color/fonts for particular part of CRM.
    Thanks to Outright

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