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SuiteCRM Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS Marketing Platform

  • Send Bulk SMS to multiple customers in just one click
  • Automatically create target lists to segment the audience
  • Live chat box for sending SMS templates & emojis

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SuiteCRM Bulk SMSSuiteCRM Bulk SMS is a mass texting service or an application that allows you to send text messages to a humongous customer base with just a click. This tool is powered by Twilio SMS API so you expect unrivaled reliability and performance. This SMS marketing platform makes the process of bulk SMS sending easier and more streamlined for your agents. You will just need to choose the recipient and an SMS template, and the rest of the work will be done automatically by the plugin.

Case Study: A real-estate firm was using emails and telephone calls for reminding tenets about their services and rental dues, but it was costing a fortune to their business. On top of that, they were facing other problems like email bouncing, call dropping, etc. Therefore, they turned to SuiteCRM Bulk SMS which allowed them to send updates via Bulk SMS to multiple customers in a matter of seconds. And since most people carry their phones on them, chances are they will SMS first rather than email.


Features of SuiteCRM Bulk SMS

  • Create Multiple Settings/Agents: Using this plugin, each agent can configure their own Twilio phone numbers for sending bulk SMS.
  • Save SMS conversations: Every message sent or received via this plugin will be saved in SuiteCRM. You can see the past conversation of every customer in the record’s history.
  • Send Bulk SMS: For sending bulk SMS, you just need to select the records to whom you want to send the messages and then choose the template and finally send the message to everyone.
  • Live chat box: For sending text messages, you get an interactive and flexible live chat box. Here, you can type your message and send it to hundreds or thousands of people at one time. And all this process will just a few seconds.
  • Prebuilt SMS templates: For SMS templates, you can use the existing templates module of the SuiteCRM. On top of that, the email templates that you are already using can be used as SMS templates too.
  • Automatically segment recipients: Upon choosing multiple recipients, our plugin automatically creates a segmented target list for those recipients. Later, you can use these target lists for SMS marketing campaigns.
  • Click to SMS: Not only bulk SMS, but you can also start a personal conversation with anyone in your CRM by just clicking on the message icon next to the phone number.
  • Daily SMS activities report: At the end of the day, you will get a report that comprises all the SMS delivery statistics. It will show you how total number of SMS successfully delivered, failed, unsubscribed, and received. In this report, you will also get a link to jump to the record directly.
  • Reach Entire Audience: This plugin allows you to reach a large and diverse audience because it is compatible with all SuiteCRM modules like leads, contacts, accounts, targets, and even custom ones.

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 User Guide

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