Data is everyone’s priority and to keep it safe GDPR can assist you for sure. We are offering SugarCRM GDPR service to our clients globally. No need to worry about data loss as your data will remain in a safe zone here. The GDPR follows the most realistic and accurate way to keep better security for handling data. The process is easier, simple and excellent for data handling.

SugarCRM GDPR First

What is GDPR

Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is considered to be a data privacy regulation which was enacted by the European Parliament, European Commission and Council of European Union. This regulation is basically for protecting the data as data is considered to be the backbone of every organization and to keep proper safety here handled by GDPR.

Data will always remain safe for every EU citizen. If talks about the rules of GDPR then let us tell you that it has strict regulation regarding sensitive information for example: medical history or child’s history. And the best part about GDPR is it does not apply to the company’s data like organization revenue. Suppose if they fail to keep the citizen’s data safe then the result is fine of 4% of annual revenue.

Get aware of features of SugarCRM related to data privacy

Like you have read out about the SuiteCRM GDPR, we researched and find out about the SugarCRM GDPR features which criteria they are now following regarding privacy. We have assembled some points given below-

  • The SugarCRM GDPR is now ready to include a new module to address and even log all customer’s requests for the data protection.
  • Users can now “Flag” anyone’s request related to the personal data when their data is not used in profiling.
  • To parse customer’s data input, SugarCRM GDPR has introduced a feature and the name is Personal Information Log where companies can send the data within PI Long.
  • Companies have full control over their data as they can easily request that personal data is not accurate regarding their business and should be erased from the entire system.
  • SugarCRM GDPR provides “consent” to the users and it is for storing and processing personal data and if they withdraw it then SugarCRM records the request for it.
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An extension Global Hide Manager is accurate choice for you

We have uncovered some of the best features of SugarCRM GDPR for your data security that show how exceptional this service is for your business activity. You can make use of the addon called Global Hide Manager in your work too where you can grab a chance to hide the sections of any module in your CRM.
You can hide buttons, fields and sections if you’re an admin. It is one of the holistic methods for keeping data with proper security as you can hide customer’s information and contact information too. If working with the GDPR for data purpose then make sure to use such an extension like Global Hide Manager for your work.

Our well-versed team of Outright Store expound you every query

To solve your basic and complex queries is our duty as Outright Store is well-experienced in the CRM industry where we have shown tremendous efforts whenever someone shares any kind of situation with us. We offer some of the excellent and advanced plugins for your business activities that can reinforce your venture forever. Moreover, we are dealing with both Suite and SugarCRM services and ready to offer you the services like Customization, Integration, Data Migration and much more.

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