CRM Features: What functions business should look for in CRM?

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December 21, 2023

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Many amateurs who recently started their business made too many impulsive decisions and are still regretting. What was that? Choosing the inaccurate software for their business as their expectation was getting immense features which is enough to reinforce business but unfortunately, they didn’t get such kind of software for their work. Also, some have no idea what features they should strive for their business enhancement. Now just forget your past mistakes for choosing inaccurate software. Your goal now should adopt the CRM software which easily offers you such an abundance of functions that you need in your business today. It means that the features that you are looking for, you will surely get in the Customer Relationship Management system. Let’s just understand what is CRM first

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management, or in-short CRM, a software that helps the entire organization to manage the lifecycle of each of your customers that deals with you. It means that it is perfect to grab the customer information and put it in one place to stop the hurdle of businesses. Interesting! The software is a true example of maintaining a relationship with customers as it gives you the automation process and the easiest way to track the performance of your employees. The software called CRM is a plus point for the Sales and Marketing business of today’s era. 

Real statistics of CRM software 2020

Take a look at the current statistics of this system- the average ROI for a CRM system is $8.71 for every dollar spent, 73% of the sales professionals use this software first and 74% of users said that this tool improved access to customer data. Around 50% of the business productivity improves while using the MobileCRM, CRM apps can increase the revenue up to 41%, 13% of the users said that investing in this system is one of the top sales priorities. You will see a 73% improvement in business efficiency when using a CRM system, 81% of the users use this tool from various devices, and 88% of users like the interaction tracking functions of this system. Sounds great! 

statistics of CRM software 2020

List of ultimate CRM Features that you should look for

Let’s come to the crux of this blog as we are going to enlist some of the CRM features that businesses should go for. Keep reading

  • Integration feature

Syncing with other platforms when you have software in your business is a great concept to save tons of time. Nobody wants to work on every platform as they need a smarter way to work on time and complete the entire task promptly. If adapting the software called Customer Relationship Management in your organization then it’s good to get the integration feature.  Your business must go for the integration feature for saving their efforts.

For example:- Few customers have shared their phone number and email ID with you. There is no need to update various systems when you integrate the CRM software. 

CRM Software Integration
  • Reporting feature

The next CRM feature that every business should look for is about reporting tools. Everyone wants to know about their hard work result. Luckily, few get the actual answer about their performance and the rest of others are always in doubt whether they performed well or still need changes in their business activities. 

The software we are talking about will offer you reporting tools that enable the organizations to know about the leads such as how many leads they got last month, which campaign gave the best result or which failed to win the heart of the audience. If one of the goals- to measure your sales success then we are sure that you will take your business to the CRM system to get the “reporting tools” feature. 

  • Mobile CRM feature

Another wonderful CRM feature is about using this software on mobile devices. Sometimes you are not present at the office but want to work in this software no matter where you are. Mobile CRM helps you to reply faster to your clients and you can do the same process of work activity as you always do in your CRM when using a computer system. Bear in mind: your CRM should be user friendly then it will be easy to use for your business purpose. 

Don’t feel like you don’t have a proper system so you can operate the CRM software. You can operate this system from your mobile device easily. Also, we have an extension for you called SuiteCRM BCC Archive which has almost similar functionality for starting the conversation from anywhere. Get aware of what it is with its top-notch features. 

Mobile CRM Software
  • Automation feature

Do you have the eminent software in your business called CRM? If not, you are losing so many things and time now to adapt this fast-growing system in your business today. Like we understood the CRM features above, the next core functionality of this system is workflow automation. If the automation can be done in your system then it eases your employee’s efforts in many ways. 

For instance: one of your customers fills the billing form regarding purchasing something, the system will send the message straight to the sales reps. It alerts the user to start the conversation or check what to do. It helps the sales reps to keep extra attention on the customers and prospects as both matters the most for your venture. This is the importance of automation. 

  • Document Management feature

You have not one or two clients in your business as if you have multiple clients who share too many documents of their work then it’s good to get connected with this CRM feature called Document Management

The process of collecting the document, storing that, and uploading in this software is quite simple for you and the best part is, anyone in your team can access it.

For instance: you need the document of XYZ regarding your business work, so you can easily access it. No need to wait for the head of your team to allow you to do that. 

Document Bulk Uploader
  • Forecasting feature

You never know what can happen in the future of your business. Many of you want to know their projected revenue or about their sales work activity whether it will reach a peak or not. Future prediction might be a daunting task, but now if you have this advanced software called Customer Relationship Management then why are you worried? 

Let us introduce the next CRM feature that businesses should look for and that is forecasting functionality which helps you to know the future sales predictions while getting the existing data in your hand. You have the past and present data that means you can easily set the prediction about the future and here this superior software will surely help you. Take advantage today! 

To Sum up

Industries realized that without this top-notch software in the business, running the entire work activity is too stressed and full of hurdles. We don’t want to meet up with such a situation where businesses face the downfall and never return with astonishing speed. That is why we introduce CRM software which is ready to take the role of helping hand and ready to take the business with the right customer at the right time. But today, businesses should get aware of what features are beneficial for them when they strive first for this system. We highlighted the top CRM features that enable the business to improve their quality of work and get the fruit of their investment. Read out the entire points shared above and make sure to take the advantage of these features.

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