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SuiteCRM BCC Archive (Lite)

Keep Your Contact's History Sync with BCC Archive

  • Keep all customer’s conversations in CRM Automatically in real time.
  • All scanning work done can be seen in one place called “Process Audit”.
  • Check in all places of email, To, from CC, Subject, body by more than one regular expressions.

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SuiteCRM Email Archiving

Getting emails from numerous channels/platforms, there is a huge chance to miss your customers. Customers want the conversation to remain at one place only, so what will you do to keep every conversation of different channels at one place on CRM? We have the best feasible solution for you called  SuiteCRM BCC Archive extension. 

Real-life scenario: Your customers want to ask something, so they choose email first, and you all reply to them via email. But if you reply to your customer from any other device like mobile / tablet instead of using CRM then it still keeps your conversation on CRM by using BCC Archive addon. Like if you use “” then it scans the BCC of it and assigns it towards the CRM so that the conversation goes there and the entire conversation remains safe.

Keeping the conversation with customers, prospects, opportunities, etc under one hood is the main objective of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. We have taken this purpose a step further by developing an extension called SuiteCRM and SugarCRM BCC Archive. This will let you automatically save the email conversation into CRM software. Below, we have mentioned all of the advanced features that this extension will offer you.

Key features of BCC Archive

  • Automatic Email Attachment: The plugin automatically scans all email addresses in the email message, including the TO, CC, BCC, Subject, and email body. It then associates the email conversation with the appropriate CRM records.
  • Intelligent Email Association: SuiteCRM BCC Archive offers intelligent email association by identifying the email addresses of all recipients and then finding those email addresses in the CRM. This ensures that the email is correctly linked to the relevant CRM records. The plugin also checks the email addresses in the subject and body and attaches the email to the records associated with those email addresses.
  • Comprehensive Email History: With the BCC Archive plugin, your CRM maintains a comprehensive email history. This feature guarantees that all relevant email communications are stored with their respective records, making it easy to track the evolution of your interactions with customers and contacts.
  • Increase CRM accessibility and usability:  A user can confidently reply to emails from their mobile devices or any other devices, even when they don’t have immediate access to the CRM. The plugin takes care of email archiving, allowing the team to be productive from anywhere.
  • Improved Collaboration: With all email correspondence accessible within CRM records, team members can collaborate more effectively, knowing they have access to the complete communication history with contacts. Anyone with access to the CRM can view and respond to emails, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • Auditing and Compliance: The plugin facilitates auditing and compliance by ensuring that all email interactions are accurately recorded and can be retrieved for regulatory or internal audit purposes.
  • Made for Gmail, Outlook, or any other email: The plugin will work will any email service provides including but not limited to Gmail, Outlook, Apple mail, or custom company email addresses.
  • Support with CRM core modules or custom modules: Let us tell you that you are not limited to any one particular module in SuiteCRM or SugarCRM. You can use the extension to archive the BCC email address in whichever module you prefer such as Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, etc.

These features collectively make SuiteCRM BCC Archive an invaluable tool for sales, customer relationship management, and improving the efficiency of email communication in SuiteCRM.

Download the user guide

 User Guide

Download the Installation guide

 Installation Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my BCC Archive Product Licence Validation taking so long?

After clicking on the Validate now button, you will be required to reload the page. Otherwise, the message “Please wait while we process your request” will keep showing on the screen.

While setting up an inbound email, I keep getting an error “_________” what should I do next?

To fix this issue, you need to disable the 2-factor authentication for your email address. You also need to allow access to the less secure apps.

Do I need to configure the inbound email settings manually?

If your email service provider is Gmail then inbound email settings will be configured automatically. However, if you are using Outlook, Yahoo, or any other email then you need to manually configure the settings.

How does custom date work in BCC Archive?

You need to select a custom date of one day earlier in order to have a seamless operation.

Do I manually need to create the email archiving settings?

No, the email archiving settings will be configured by default. There is no need to create other settings.


3 reviews for SuiteCRM BCC Archive (Lite)

  1. p.jessica2919

    I was loosing important email conversations in My CRM. Much Needed Plugin!

  2. borofake

    Great service!

  3. robin

    Great plugin, made some custom adjustments to fit our needs.

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