5 Successful SugarCRM Plugins to Boost Sales in 2023

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Last Updated: January 18, 2023

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The year 2023 came up with great surprises and new facts in the CRM industry. We saw many new updates on SugarCRM and SuiteCRM version. Have you heard about Sugar Mobile versions? Every month there is a new update to work on it. That’s really amazing! Facing some new tactics now can increase business efficiency. You can gain a new way to build up your business. Just straight go to SugarCRM Plugins to know the new addons trending in the market.

Frankly speaking, we don’t know the actual process of how you achieved your objectives a couple of years earlier. Well, we understand that some of you worked with a few outdated plugins. And are still guilty of why you choose that. It’s obvious that not every time you can gain success. Working with the best strategy can foster you to give hundred percent.

This is our motive for writing this blog as we want to share some of our SugarCRM plugins of 2023. SugarCRM Add-ons are worth it when you use in your day to day business activity. The blog is very informative for every CRM business operator who needs some advanced plugins. We have compiled some points below.

How some essential SugarCRM Plugins can shine your goals

Before going dig deeper into the concept of SugarCRM plugins we have a question for you “How such plugins can assist you in your business goals or why to choose advanced SugarCRM plugins”?

Let us share one example: Suppose you have a great organization and you have the experience of working in the CRM industry. You deal most of the time with some plugins to expect skyrocket growth in your business but sometimes you failed from the results you expected.

Reason can be many like the plugins are not good for security or may be outdated. What will you do? Your business reputation is in your hand so you can’t ruin it. This is the reason we want all of you to choose the most advanced and exceptional plugins that can not only raise business efficiency but also give much better impact on your goals.

best sugarcrm plugin

How can you expect to run on the correct path of achieving goals when you are working with outdated SugarCRM plugins? Meeting with some time-saving and dominant plugins is what you need, so we have those plugins that are ready to assist you in your business criteria.

Furthermore, most of you have already set their goals to maintain a good relationship with their customers. Is it possible with an outdated tool? A big no. Working with some excellent plugins can maintain a good relationship.

Even choosing some superior plugins can offer you many such features that you are looking at some other. Bear in mind that opting for some greatest plugins which offer the best functionality is worth it. Don’t make cost your priority as plugins that can shine your goals, you need to go there first. To know some more piece of information about SugarCRM that how it is the best choice for business, have a look at our SugarCRM blog too.

Our SugarCRM Plugins for achieving your targets

Now finally we are going to share the crux of this content about SugarCRM plugins. We have assembled some plugins which can help you to fulfill your goals whatever you have. Shine your objectives with some excellent plugins given below

Twilio SMS/Click to Call

We believe how annoying the method can be when you have to send SMS one by one to your customers regarding updating anything or any news. To upsurge your business with the best method, we want all of you readers to go for the Twilio SMS tool. Why?

Here sending SMS in bulk at a single time is possible in just one click, your message will be sent to entire customers that you selected. Isn’t it great or worth to use? If you have set up your goal to meet number customers then adapt this tool for your business activities.

Keep your eyeballs here to know the features: Previous conversations always remain safe, Live chat with CRM users is possible, you can use SMS Templates and many more are there.

twilio sms

Above we have shared about the SMS strategy on how to save your time regarding SMS conversation. Now one more tool we are keen to share with you and that is Twilio Click to Call. Quite a few of you find Calling customer is the best method but using the perfect tool regarding communication should be your basic priority.

This Twilio Click to Call has a specialty of managing a single call at one time only. More such features we would like to share with you like conversations with your customers always remain saved, a pop-up appears on your screen when somebody calls you and many more features are there which made a great image of this tool that how amazing it is.

Email to Lead

Allow us to share this SugarCRM Tool with an example: Entire organization depends on email as they know 90% of their work completed via email only. So, generating leads via email can happen and also arranging in a proper format is possible. The tool Email to Lead is the most feasible and accurate solution for you.

This time-saving tool can be your priority by understanding its features regarding your business task. Like if you want the tool to create records then it can do it automatically. This tool is special to create records via inbound email and yes, mapping of fields is possible.

How good is it when you have a tool that can assist you to assign the task to your team members? The tool Email to Lead is relevant which strives to assign the entire task to your team members and all this will be done automatically.

Database Backup Restore Manager

Some customers have big faith in you so that’s why they share their amount of data with you regarding business. It’s your duty to keep entire data in a safe zone to build up a relationship with them. 

Regarding this, we have a tool called Database Backup and Restore where there is no such chance of data to be stolen or lost. Outright Store is offering this advanced tool which has some perfect functions like sharing of data from one server to next, creating an instant backup and many more. We understand that data is the backbone of every venture so, opting for such a great SugarCRM Tool can be a plus point.

sugarcrm database

One of the best features of this tool is you can use it thrice a day for each user and can set the time limit like at what time you want the data to be removed from the server. Working in the CRM industry and not using any tool for backup, how is it possible?

Faster Global Search

Set the search preferences with multiple options and save your time. Outright Store has a tool called Faster Global Search where you can set the search preferences like Exact Match or Best Match. Any confusion what actually it is? Let’s understand this with an example-

You are working in your CRM and of course, daily you search for a keyword to open. It may take your precious time to open it and find that module which you want to see. The tool can help you to set search preferences like “Best Match”.

faster global search

Not going to end this tool here without sharing some features. It’s hard to keep track of search history. Nevertheless, we are offering a feature where you can keep track of your search history. Also, it’s so easy to move the location of a search bar in your CRM when this SugarCRM Tool is there.

Theme Brand Builder 

Let’s understand some quite fascinating plugins and Theme Style Builder is one of those. We will share how like most of you CRM users want to change CRM layout and design. It is possible as some of you have set their target to make their CRM more interesting. You can go for this tool which shares the best functionality to assist you.

sugarcrm theme builder

There were numerous colors and fonts which you can choose by yourself and no such requirement of any professional designer to do the entire job. Even if you have doubts about your data removed then please avoid all such consequences as your data always remains safe whenever you change.

This tool has some special features for you like you are not restricted to any color or any theme to use. And changing your business to work on new formats can be a positive way to increase business productivity.

Final Note

Setting up different-different criteria regarding business targets and goals is everyone’s motive. Firstly, let us tell you that you all are not extravagant who can invest in anything to reach towards their goal. So, if your motive is to meet up with some special and advanced SugarCRM plugins who can take you straight to your goals this year then read out the plugins shared above. We have shared most highly-appreciable who not only show you top functionality but also give rise to your business efficiency. You must endeavor those plugins from Outright Store that are best for your business.

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