Sugar Connect 2020 version: What it is and what new features introduced?

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Last Updated: December 21, 2023

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Sales businesses have made plenty of goals, but two of the most important ones are managing the customer relationship and follows-up the activities. Might be a real challenge for most of you but thanks to SugarCRM for introducing Sugar connect which enables you to manage this effortlessly as you can manage in real-time email communication with customers. You have the power to share the incomparable customer experience activities into the email and also in calendar application all the time. 

Want to know more about such core functionalities of the Sugar connect? Every user can watch the entire activity of the customer as you can say a 360-degree view to know everything. You can create or update the records and fields of two important SugarCRM Editions– Sugar Serve and Sell. Moreover, you can attach the Email to Account, Contacts, and Opportunities. Must strive for the feature of using a CRM email template as it is easy to access there. Bear in mind: The Sugar Connect pricing is $15 per user/per month. And it syncs with entire SugarCRM Editions. 

We are informing you about the SugarCRM Connect today because there is a new update that was recently made. Want to know where this platform worked, what issues everyone was facing, or what new feature SugarCRM Connect 2020 highlighted? Hold your breath and read out the content till the end.

List of known issues in the SugarCRM Connect

These are the known issues of SugarCRM Connect, so let’s understand this and later move to the next section of fixed issues and new functions. Have a look-

  • Earlier the feature was composing an email attachment, selecting Quick Save to Sugar, and then sending the email. But it doesn’t archive the attachment to SugarCRM. 
  • The calculated field appears to be editable. It appears in the Sugar connect sidebar.  
  • When the user composes an email in G Suite, the words which are misspelled get changed to different sizes and fonts. 
  • When using the G Suite, you click on the content of the URL Field in the SugarCRM Connect sidebar. But it doesn’t open the link in the browser tab.
  • The integration process you did with Contacts from Sugar is not differentiated from that you created in Outlook. 
  • You are not an assigned user of Sugar calls and meetings but you are a guest. It will not integrate into your external calendar. 
  • The checkbox does not work in a proper way from the Task Record view. 

List of the Fixed issues in the SugarCRM Connect 2020

  • Now you will see that the Load More link in the related module subpanels can’t load additional records.
  • One more big change in the SugarCRM Connect sidebar like when you are creating a task from the Contact records tasks subpanel, the Related To Field defaults to Contacts. No default on the Contact’s account. 

What new features will you see in Sugar Connect 2020?

It’s important to know what salient features you can now watch in Sugar Connect 2020. Let’s go-ahead-

  • Email archived is now possible while using Quick Save to Sugar and Save the Options. From now onwards it can be flagged with the Sugar connect directly to the CRM category in Office 365.
  • The Leads and Contacts which are not assigned to you, you can integrate them by marking it and then integrate with the G Suite and Office 365 Sugar Connect Sidebar. 

Concluding note

 Thanks to SugarCRM once again for proving that it is one of the eminent software of Customer Relationship Management. The SugarCRM introduced various platforms such as Sugar Integrate or SugarBPM that we already guided you in our previous blog. And now, we clear your doubts about one more platform introduced by this software and that is SugarCRM Connect. It is a true example of managing the two different work simultaneously by integrating each other. Worth it! Also, we got to know the new version and some salient features of it and this platform solved some of its earlier known issues. Read out the above blog thoroughly and if SugarCRM updates anything about Sugar Connect 2020, we will update you.

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