10 Must-Have Digital Marketing Automation Tools to grow your business

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May 21, 2021

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The term Automation currently replaces the human in the workplace. This technology is omnipresent in the digital world and offers great incredible values to businesses like Digital Marketing. Today, you are watching the Digital Marketing industry evolving just because it adapts the automation which halts the repetitive task and they can spend more time completing high priority work. This Digital Marketing Automation is now helping hand to make the organization more efficient. Let’s walk through the whole article to find out Digital Marketing Automation tools and their benefits.  

What is Digital Marketing Automation?

Digital Marketing Automation defines technology programs to help businesses for managing marketing on numerous channels at a single platform. No need to do a long-winded task of doing one by one everything. 

You can manage the channels like websites, social media, etc to save tons of time. This concept brings an automating repetitive task to save time and money. 

What’s the Most Significant Role of Automating Digital marketing?

Your business department team starts with managing every platform like Sales and marketing or other priority work platform. They do this all day. It keeps everyone busy in different-different areas to fetch the audience for your business. So, this all means you must hire some trained employees and make a great team for every department. 

We have an incredible solution for your business. No need to hire plenty of employees for these tasks. Why? 

Digital Marketing automation enables you to manage everything under one hood. You feel like everything goes at a single platform without hiring so many employees for managing other departments. Time saved and your extra dollars saved. Such an intriguing concept helps the companies to touch the sky. 

Automation statistics 2021 that matters to Marketers

Automation is helping the business to shine like a sun today. We research and find out some statistics about it that will amaze you. And the stats are-

Approximately 31% of the businesses have fully automated one function of their department. 

More than 80% of all advertising processes will be automated next year and 51% of the big companies are currently going with the automation technology. 

75% of the users use at least one effective marketing Automation tool. 

This Automation is stupendous for saving your business time by 30%. 

marketing automation

Top Benefits of Digital Marketing Automation for all

Get as much intel as possible about the benefits of automation in the digital marketing field. Hold your breath and read out till the end. 

  • Easy for Analyzing the performance all time

Suppose you designed your Email campaign about your SugarCRM Plugins and you flash your products Campaign on different marketing channels. It’s great to get feedback or information about the campaign whether it wins the heart of the audience or not. 

Adapt the benefits of automation in digital marketing to the campaign shares the fair result or you need a big change soon. Everyone striving for it because it minus the error from the next time before sharing something anywhere. 

email campaign performance

Furthermore, you all will give five stars to Automation when you get to know that it will highlight the areas where you need to show changes. Eventually, automation in digital marketing enables you to improve your business. 

  • Goal of Better ROI is now going to achieve

The heading above shouts loud that adapting the best automation tools gives a signal to digital marketing to get better ROI easily. The question here arises is how it can do this? Businesses should start automating cross-sell, reminders, personalized follow-up, etc. 

A great way to make tenacious connections with customers. If such things get automated easily then you can attend and can pay attention to your valuable customers more. And of course, getting engaged with your customers can make them feel valued. 

Better ROI

This indicates that customers will relate to your business well and chances are very high of getting better ROI and your goals of increasing sales of your products will be achievable. Like we informed in the Customer Service Automation article, this technology is also remarkable for digital marketing companies. 

  • Saving your time is advantageous for Business

Digital Marketing companies have dozens of central activities to go for, but they sometimes fail in doing that. The reason is having some bundles of other tasks to do. They can’t decide which to keep for the priority work. 

Therefore, we come with the solution of striving for the benefits of automation because it saves your precious time and your manual efforts. When there is automation there is an advantage. 

Take the opportunity of it and this technology helps to save your time doing Email Marketing, PPC Campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Outsourced PPC, and much more. This gives you a lot of time to keep eyeballs on critical activities. Plus, your business productivity will boost up and you can curate new effective ideas to run your business with astonishing speed. 

  • Stops the organization from doing the Repetitive task 

Getting the compelling Automation tools insist you try some other beneficial activity in lieu of doing the repetitive task. One of the pain points that businesses have is doing the repetitive task and wasting efforts on that once again. 

Surprisingly, they do this instead of stopping themselves and not getting news about the current trend. What is currently trending for business growth? 

Automation only is the cornerstone of business success which pulls you back for not doing the repetitive task and saves your time and efforts. You are free from doing the same manual task relentlessly and can pay attention to other marketing work to get prospects into your business world. 

Digital Marketing Automation tools recommended by experts 2021

Automation has become a hot trend in the market in 2021. It’s better to know the functionality of digital marketing automation tools that are top-notch for handling everything. Let’s start-


Best automation tool for digital marketing? From where to begin? We guess starting with the tool that promises to make a long-lasting relationship between customer and business. The name is 

digital marketing automation

It takes the automation advantage by sending the accurate message to your customer at the right time when they are looking to get engaged with your business. This is not just a tool it is an opportunity for you because here you can send emails at specific times by automatically triggering the customer behavior. It recognizes everything easily. 

  • Pardot

Let’s dive a little deeper to know our next digital marketing automation tool which was introduced by the SalesForce CRM called Pardot. Its all-encompassing tools are enough to robust your business activity. Well, this automation tool is especially known for sharing B2B Analytics and for account-based marketing solutions. Sounds great! 

pardot crm

CRM integration can be done to handle your essential task and even the tool gives you good results in doing Email Marketing. Pardot is an all-in-one solution for tracking the interaction of websites. Best tool for small-scale sectors. 

  • Oracle Eloqua

Never seen such a great tool with bundles of amazing functions. Oracle Eloqua is one of the superfine automation tools for digital marketing to monitor the clients from all the essential stages of the purchasing process. 

oracle eloqua crm

Like we informed you about the significance of Integration in our various articles like WhatsApp CRM, here syncing can be done with third-party apps. One of the holistic ways to personalize your marketing. People prefer this tool because of its easy-to-use campaign management. Send your valuable email campaign from here with no challenging steps. 

  • Marketo

If taking the benefits of automation then it’s imperative to get the eminent digital marketing automation tool to streamline your goals. Next to announce here is about Marketo which has the specialty for covering every channel to present every piece of information. 


Are you pondering the same question that what it can offer more to you? Here we go- a toolbox filled with the functions like email marketing, lead nurturing, budget management, website personalization, and many more are there. A perfect example of making your complex journey simpler. 

  • Salesfusion

If your department goal is to catch valuable leads more easily then we recommend you to pour your dollars on the Salesfusion tool. An outstanding tool for handling this task and more importantly, it is simple for creating an email campaign. 

marketing automation

Everyone in this digital world knows the key role of building and sharing the campaign for customers so give this chance to Salesfusion. Get the Marketing Automation module from here which is embedded with multiple solutions for boosting your business growth. The solutions it is providing are- Marketing Analytics, Lead nurturing, Media Planning, etc. 

  • ActiveCampaign

The coming five tools are complete examples to strengthen your business goals. Now we are going to unlock the information of another eminent digital marketing automation software called ActiveCampaign. A well-known name for marketing automation, email marketing, and small business CRM (Customer relationship management). 

active campaign

It gives a clear picture to every user to get aware of what automation is working and how via a powerful visual automation editor. Another astonishing function we would suggest to endeavor is Email Workflows. Share your tailored guidance with your audience by taking full support of the ActiveCampaign tool of automation. 

  • Sendinblue

It might be a chance when you need a great automation tool with ultimate benefits only for email marketing service utility. We suggest you stop your searches and get in touch with Sendinblue. One of the greatest digital marketing automation tools for keeping a close eye on email marketing and email service utility. 


No matter how professional you are, everyone still wants a stellar tool for creating engaging emails. Therefore, it’s wonderful to have Sendinblue where you can do this by taking the opportunity of mobile-friendly templates. Moreover, it is also available for you to send a text message. The tool is superior for businesses of all sizes. 

  • GreenRope

GreenRope software of digital marketing automation is indubitably superfine to complete everything with no error. We recommend this tool not just for the digital marketing purpose but also the tool is a complete solution to CRM software. When starting your business journey with GreenRope you can see the Customization Dashboard

customization dashboard

It is helpful for your team to customize the icon, color, etc. Its dashboard is great for viewing everything like about the Sales Pipeline, Marketing critical activities, and much more. It’s imperative to know the performance of everything and can make decisions for the future of business. 

  • HubSpot

Dropping a secret bomb here. One of the greatest-ever top-notch tools which give unprecedented benefits of automation to businesses of all sizes. We guarantee you this tool always shares the best feasible solution. 


Introducing HubSpot which is well-known in the market as inbound email marketing software. Its easy-to-use visual board can be a great use for workflow purposes. We know the head of your team compels you to work on enormous marketing systems. Try the HubSpot tool first to ease your efforts and get a result-driven solution. 

  • Drip

We have one more to present with you. After research, we believe the Drip automation tool should also be included in this article. It’s just like other effective digital marketing automation tools- Simple and Robust. The vital role of Drip software is to share the right message to the right lead at a specific interval. 

When running your business on Drip, it gives you dozens of functions such as Email builder, Automation workflow, Multi-channel marketing, etc. Looking to drive your business on Drip? 

Drip Campaign software

Well, it’s a good decision as this tool can even assist you in curating triggered onboarding campaigns. Also, if your CRM business wants a great extension regarding this email campaign sending purpose then we would suggest you go for the SuiteCRM Email Drip Campaign. Set the specific time of sending emails and everything will be done through Automation. 

To Sump Up: We should be thankful for this technology for entering into digital marketing. We can now spend some more time and think of growing our business more in the town. Automation is there to handle every critical activity without any hurdle. Well, if pouring investment on great Digital Marketing automation tools above then it turns the complex task into a simple one without any human involvement. The great benefits of Automation are the reason why it is ruling in this digitalization era. Get the tool from above according to your business requirements. 

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