Outright Utils

Outright Utils

Outright Utils

  • Plugin can set for the verification purpose of security.
  • If any error found, it goes directly to global logger.
  • No requirement to enter functions to develop coding.

 Supported to All SuiteCRM Versions

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SuiteCRM Outright Utils is a Core development package developed by Outright Store.

This package comes with great power of writing One Line Code to do great things.

Each function prefix with keyword “outright” to keep separate between core functions.


Please follow the below steps before installing.

  1.  Log in as an Administrator.
  2. Verify the CRM version should be compatible.

Installation Guide:-

    1. Go to the Administration page.
    2. Click on “Module Loader” to install the package.
      Outright Utils Module Loader
  1. Click on “Choose File” button and select the Outright Utils.zip
    Outright Utils Choose File
  2. Click on “Upload” to upload the file in CRM and then click on the Install button.
    Outright Utils Upload

Not available!

Not available!


1 review for Outright Utils

  1. khoa

    thanks, Outright Utils are life saver code , written by experts , very professional PHP code , specially written for SugarCRM and SuiteCRM to operate bean functions.

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