SuiteCRM Global Hide Manager

SuiteCRM Global Hide Manager

Hiding Fields In SuiteCRM Module Based Upon Users / Roles

  • Hide unwanted sections in your SuiteCRM.
  • Helps to achive GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
  • You can unhide sections too for users.

 Supported to All SuiteCRM Versions

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Global Hide Manager for SuiteCRM Interface!SuiteCRM Global Hide Manager

It’s easy to hide any unwanted sections of any module in CRM. Global Hide Manager should be your priority here which is the best extension to hide any duplicate section that you don’t need. Some unwanted sections can raise a chance to divert admin from their work, so the plugin can assist you to hide them all that you don’t want to see. Moreover, if you find everything correctly, no such unwanted section then of course, your business productivity will increase as your modules are neat and clean to work.

For example: Working in CRM and suddenly saw two duplicate sections in one module. You can find it complex to know which section to work. So, the Global Hide Manager plugin can help you to hide that duplicate section that can ruin your work.

Here are some key features of Global Hide Manager:

  • Admin can hide buttons, fields and sections of SuiteCRM for the users.
  • Admin can hide the functionality for a particular role.
  • Hide an unwanted or duplicate section which is no use of your work.
  • Removing duplicate sections and finding proper work sections can raise business productivity as well.
  • Admin can unhide those sections again for the users.

Company data is confidential and theft of crucial data can have detrimental effects on the growth of any company. So it becomes absolutely mandatory to protect company data from any third party.

This addon can give users the ability to hide any item from any section of their SuiteCRM. Users can also place certain restrictions on the field or section of their SuiteCRM. With the help of this tool, users can hide any item such as buttons, icons, symbols and much more. Global Hide Manager will help you in the safekeeping of your company data, you can easily hide any customer-related information on the SuiteCRM such as customer name, address or contact information. By doing so you can easily ensure the safety of your company data.

The recent introduction of GDPR also holds companies accountable that handle the data of European residents and any mishandling of their data can lead to serious consequences. Global Hide Manager can also help your company to comply with the GDPR regulations and ensure the protection of their customer information and avoid any mishaps as far as your company data is concerned.

Download the user guide

 User Guide

Download the Installation guide

 Installation Guide

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2 reviews for SuiteCRM Global Hide Manager

  1. Sören (verified owner)

    I’ve a problem with the installation of global hide manager. After the install is done and I do a quick repair und rebuild. the mass assign feature of security groups is missing in anyl list views. If I deactivated the global hide manager in the module loader everything is fine again.

    What can I do to fix this issue? my SuiteCRM version is 7.10.16.


  2. soeren.gippert (verified owner)

    Many thanks for the quick Update. It’s looks good now.


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