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SuiteCRM Unique ID Generator

Serial Number Generator

  • Automatically generate a unique serial number for each record.
  • Users can add prefix or suffix.
  • Existing records will also get a serial number.

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Unique ID GeneratorSuiteCRM Unique ID Generator

You already know that filling in the information while writing serial numbers can be too long so for that situation we have a product for you called Serial Number Generator. You are not supposed to write the serial number again and again. Let’s dive into the concept- you have seen the records in the table as the serial number column is there where you have to write numbers one by one but after using SuiteCRM Unique ID Generator there is no need to write continuously. It will go on automatically in a proper way as well. Something new you will see now.

Let’s understand thoroughly with an example- Suppose you are working relentlessly to fill the information of your customers by using a Serial Number Generator product. You don’t need to write a serial numbers one by one. It will move on automatically. No need to check whether the serial number going correctly or not.

Features of SuiteCRM Unique ID Generator

  • Add Prefixes and Suffixes to classify records: The user will be able to insert prefixes and suffixes in the serial numbers. This will help in classifying the records to a greater extent. In both prefixes and suffixes, you can use alphabets, numbers, and special characters as well.
  • Prefix Year, Month, and Date: Enable each option and you’ll get the current year, month, and date in the auto-generated unique IDs. The format will be yy-mm-dd. And you can also change the separator value between year, month, and date.
  • Reset Serial Number at New Month and New Year: We provided the option using which the auto-generated serial number will automatically reset at the beginning of the new month and new year. For example, a unique ID created at the end of February 2023 will be something like 23-02-28-546351. But at the beginning of March, the serial number will reset and start from 1, in that case, the unique ID will be 23-03-01-1.
  • Insert padding prior to serial numbers: With help of this plugin, the user can also add padding to the serial numbers. The padding character could be a numeric, alphabetical, or special character. A few common examples of padded serial numbers are 00000012, ********7535, ###483094, etc. Usually, these are used in industries where businesses need to distinguish different records based on their IDs.
  • Choose a custom opening number for a list of records: If you want to start the serial number with 10000 then it is possible too through our extension. The plugin will let you modify the latest number of serial numbers in any records or modules within SuiteCRM.
  • Existing records will be prioritized: While generating serial numbers, the plugin will prioritize the existing records always. Only after assigning serial numbers to prior data, the plugin will work on newly fetched records. This will create a high-level consistency throughout the records in CRM. An email will be sent to the provided email address as soon as all existing records get the unique IDs.
  • No repetition or any kind of error: There is no need to worry about the repetition of the serial numbers. We have tried and tested the plugin for long lists with thousands of records and there were no recurring numbers at all.
  • Create Unique IDs for all SuiteCRM Modules (Core and Custom): The users can create multiple auto-increment settings in the plugin each with a different configuration. You can create the serial numbers with prefixes for the Leads module at the same time you’ll be able to generate padded serial numbers for the Contacts module.


Download the user guide

 User Guide

Download the Installation guide

 Installation Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen to my existing records, do they also get serial numbers?

Yes, the plugin will prioritize the existing records. It means, only after assigning serial numbers to the old records, the plugin will start working on new records. In this way, your entire database will be numbered without any inconsistencies.

What characters can I use as prefixes and suffixes?

As prefixes or suffixes, you can use any special characters and alphanumeric values too. These are some examples, 001NY2008 or any other based on individual business requirements.

Is it compatible with all cores as well as custom SuiteCRM Modules?

Yes, it works exceptionally well irrespective of the modules that you are using this plugin in.


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  1. tony

    Works as its supposed to, saved us a lot of hassle, amazing support, they will do what needs to be done to make the client happy.
    will definitely buy from the again

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