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Supported versions: SuiteCRM 7.11.10
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SuiteCRM Documents Bulk Uploader module provides a single document per upload. Document Bulk Uploader

When documents come in bulk, it may quite hectic to upload them one by one. This plugin enables multiple uploaded in bulk (Documents Bulk Uploader).

Here are the key features.

  1. Allow multiple uploads in one go.
  2. Broken upload can be resumed, the already uploaded document will be skipped.
  3. Documents will be directly attached to the parent record. Document will go in a regular document module in this case.
  4. The document can be sent into a custom module as well.
  5. Document status will be displayed while uploading.


Document bulk uploader saves the user time having to upload each document separately. With a single click, the user can upload multiple documents and also track the upload status of selected documents.



1 review for Document Bulk Uploader

  1. p.jessica2919

    Every week I get new documents in bulk and one by one uploading functionality makes it boring and typical,This plugin makes my life easier now I can upload multiple documents in a single click. Great functionality!!!

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