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SuiteCRM Empower PDF Template

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  • Convert CRM data into PDFs instantly.
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  • Support any module either core or custom modules and custom fields.
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Empower PDF TemplateSuiteCRM Empower PDF Template

Just an alternative of Email template we have a new aphorism product for you which we would like to introduce and that is Global PDF Generator. Before going deeper to get aware about the functionality, first we would like to highlight what is Global PDF Generator? This product assists you to make many templates that you want to and with this, the template you made you can assign on any module after that. Well, this is quite fascinating as making numerous templates is something that you all need.

Let’s understand this with an example- Suppose you have created a template here and want to make another template later on then there is no need to show the entire process again and again. Just important information to change and your job is complete. Above we told you about assigning the module so let us give you an example here too. You go straight to the Invoice’s module just to assign then you can simply download Print as PDF. Well, products like Global PDF Generator is a requirement where it can save your efforts regarding the template making process.


Some advanced functionalities of Empower PDF Template

Some piece of information about the product is not enough, so we decided to highlight some of the best features about the Empower PDF Template so that it can create an image of how good it is for your CRM business. Let’s get started

  • A prominent method to shift data towards Template

This is obvious that Data is always on the top priority for everyone so here data even plays a crucial role and can be shifted towards the template easily. In the Task module, you can save your records regarding the template and after that, you can shift the data of the Task module to Empower PDF Template and you will see that it is going on in A PDF format as well. And if you have a question regarding the data loss then no need to fret because your records will remain safe in the Task module.

  • Save your precious time now

Many of you get to know that making the template and using the same process, again and again, is all you have to do. Not so when using this product as you just have to create the template one time only and after that, there is no need to follow the same process of making template again and again. Time-saving! No such high-efforts you need to put up just the best way for making the best template for your business. Remember you just have to make the template one time only.

  • No such requirement of learning the Global PDF Generator

Learning to make the template and send is no need as we are sharing the best result-driven solution for you. Our product Global PDF Generator can be your first priority because here no such hassle you will face while going for making the template. Furthermore, zero percent requirement of learning to build up a template and to go for the process. In just one click, you can send it to many. So, forget about learning how to make a template, just go for our product and make as much as you can for your business.

Final words: Business regarding making a template can go with ease where credit goes to the product called Empower PDF Template which shows the best process and some exceptional functions. The product can upsurge your business regarding the template making process because you don’t have to show give much time and effort here. If you are worried about the data then feel relief because it will remain in a safe zone for sure.

Download the user guide

 User Guide

Download the Installation guide

 Installation Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use one template for different records?

You only need to create a template once and after that, you can use that template for creating PDFs from different records.

How many templates you can create to use in this plugin?

You can create multiple templates based on your business requirements and needs. All the PDF templates that you’ll create will remain safe for later use.

For which module you can configure the Empower PDF Template plugin?

The extension is not configured to any one particular module. As per your needs, you can configure it to modules like Quotes, Invoice, Accounts, Contacts, etc.


1 review for SuiteCRM Empower PDF Template

  1. Bruce McIntyre

    Great and easy-to-use extension. Generating PDF templates from reports is something that is missing from SuiteCRM for a long time.

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