SugarCRM Vs SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM vs SugarCRM. Which CRM solution is comfortable for business?

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You feel like your organization reach new heights of success which you expected. Growing business in every aspect is everyone’s requirement but you can deny the fact that there is much need for Customer Relationship Management(CRM) solutions there which can assist you. Yes, it can assist you by showing their highly advanced features and unbelievable functionalities.

Now the question has been raised that what solution of CRM system is suitable for your business. Even we would like to tell you that there were many which show accurate process but still, we will share the names of two aspects of CRM and that is SuiteCRM and SugarCRM.

Clients basically looking for those CRM solutions which can manage the customer information and guess what these two platforms are the right path for you to go for. Still, some points are there which says that there is a difference between SuiteCRM and SugarCRM. We decided to write a blog on SuiteCRM vs SugarCRM where you folks need to judge which one is suitable for your business activities. Let’s get into dig and find out who wins your heart.

Earlier history can assist you to know how Suite/Sugar start their journey

Earlier history can help you if someone asks you in brief details about any of these two platforms. Even you can judge both these platforms according to their history if you want to. SugarCRM comes first so we will talk about it now as it was introduced in the 2004 year. And the best part about this platform at that time, it was an open-source platform. Now this CRM solution offer paid versions. The report says, 2 million users are involved in the SugarCRM platform two years ago.

Now let’s check the history of SuiteCRM as it comes later after SugarCRM in the year 2013. It was designed by SalesAgility. Since the original release, this platform has been downloaded 800,000 times and the surprising part for you is, this platform is an award-winning one. SuiteCRM has received BOSSIE Award as the world’s best open source CRM.

Cost matters the most before going to use any platform

Okay, how many of you first go for the pricing aspect before going to use anything? We guess everyone checks the cost as no need to hide from us. So there is a big-big difference between SuiteCRM and SugarCRM if someone wants to understand on a Cost basis. Now first we decided to explain you SugarCRM Pricing

It has three editions-

  • Sugar Professional:- It may cost you $40 per month as it has 15GB of storage
  • Sugar Enterprise:- It may cost you $65 per month as it has 60GB storage
  • Sugar Ultimate:- It may cost you $150 per month as it has 250GB storage

Above we have said a big difference between Suite/SugarCRM in cost aspect and the reason is those who are looking for an open-source platform where they don’t have to pay any license fees then make sure to use SuiteCRM platform. Every prudent people must read this point as if you want to save your money then you go for the SuiteCRM platform.

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Which CRM solution is more User-Friendly then it’s competitor?

We agree with this, both CRM solutions- SuiteCRM and SugarCRM offers the best and most advanced functions to their clients. Still, anyone can ask you which is more convenient for you then which name you will put up. SuiteCRM or SugarCRM? Well, if it is about the convenience then we would say “SugarCRM” and the reason is it has been around much longer if you compare it with the SuiteCRM platform. In fact, user- friendly CRM Solution, SugarCRM is the best option folks.

If you talk about Theme or Data Handling, which you will choose?

Last but not least, this can be interesting for most of your readers because many of you are looking for the best solution for CRM which is expert and do a great job of data handling. So, we give you a big relief here as you are free to choose both these solutions of CRM for data handling matters. Suppose you want to shift data from SugarCRM to SuiteCRM new version, go for it without any hassle because zero percent chances are there you will face any issue. If Theme is the agenda to check which CRM solution is correct for your work then we want to tell you the SuiteCRM platform has more themes for you where you can watch out several font colors according to your choice.

Final Takeaway:

After reading out the above content, we would say both these CRM solutions are the correct one for your business but it totally depends on you whichever you want to use for your business purposes. You don’t have to judge one platform the best and one platform the worst, both are perfect according to their functions and some exceptional features. Every heading with the content above speaks what actually it is, now the choice is yours whether you want to try SugarCRM or you will be happy to use the SuiteCRM platform.

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