The Best Methods of Migration from SugarCRM to SuiteCRM

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Last Updated: December 20, 2023

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We have learned about the major differences between SuiteCRM and SugarCRM. There are many reasons that one might consider SuiteCRM instead of SugarCRM. Some of these reasons include the price factor since SuiteCRM is free of cost and is also open to modifications and can implement various themes on the SuiteCRM Migration platform to fit their business requirements.

Even though the default features available in the Migration from SugarCRM to SuiteCRM are quite valuable, in order to use its more beneficial features one will have to pay for features like ultimate or enterprise. 

Reason Behind Migration From Sugar to SuiteCRM

Since we have discussed in detail the reasons why one would prefer SuiteCRM over SugarCRM. We will now further discuss in detail the reasons why one would migrate from Sugar to SuiteCRM. One major reason would be that the previous implementation of the Sugar platform does not yield desired results. Another reason could be that since the time of the SugarCRM implementation business processes have gone through many changes and transitions and SugarCRM is no longer relevant. The most prominent reason behind such transition is that business is looking for optimization of their sales, marketing, and customer service business operations and are seeking more compatible tools. 

Methods of Data Migration

When migrating from Sugar to SuiteCRM there are various options available. In order to select the best possible options to suit your business requirements.

Here are a few of those options were explained in detail for you to select the most suitable option that suits your business requirements:

Default Data Import Tool

One such option is the data import tool available in the SuiteCRM which assists in-migration from SugarCRM to SuiteCRM. Since it is a default feature available in SuiteCRM it only consists of some of the basic features of data migration. It does not allow users to import all the modules in one go, you will have to import each module one by one.

It does not allow the Customizations to be imported that were present in the earlier CRM since the CRM modules are being imported by the end-user himself. So this option is more preferable when upgrading to the new SuiteCRM edition, not for the purpose of migration from Sugar to SuiteCRM. 

Pentaho Data Integration Tool

Third-party software is another way of data migration from SugarCRM to SuiteCRM. Pentaho data migration is one such third party software which consists of ETL (extraction, transformation, and load) tool that assists in data migration from one platform to another. 

  • Pentaho consists of graphical ETL features that enable automatic drag and drop capability that allows data migration without writing any code. 
  • PDI also allows users to migrate data in bulk 
  • PDI also provides business analytics that assists in efficient decision making. 
  • PDI includes administrative features that assist in increasing the efficiency of business operations.
  • PDI enables the sharing of analytics databases such as Spark, NoSQL, and Hadoop.

All these features do come with a price tag and to find out the exact figure you will have to get in touch with Pentaho. However, they do offer 30 days free trial. Even after the task of data migration from SugarCRM to SuiteCRM Migration has been successfully completed. You will still require assistance from developers to further add the integrations and Customizations that were being put to use in the former Sugar instance. 

Code Level Method

Developers at Outright Store utilize the code level method when performing data migration. According to the code level, method developers would have to carefully analyze the data and then proceed with the task of migration. This procedure includes mapping of the fields and the de-duplication of data to deliver an impeccable data migration. At the same time making sure that the integrity of the data is kept intact. 

This particular approach to data migration is quite time-consuming. It also incurs more cost in comparison to the procedures mentioned earlier. But still, it will ensure safe and secure data migration because it allows the developers to constantly check the destination from the source CRM. Apart from that it also ensures that the software customization and integration that were present in the previous CRM are transferred to the new SuiteCRM. Not only that, you will also be able to utilize the SuiteCRM integration and customization that were not available in the SugarCRM, however, it will also cost you more. So it would be wise to seek assistance from the developer when embarking upon the task of data migration so that the cost can be combined.  

Why is the Outright Store the Best Choice for Data Migration

Outright Store has decades of experience in delivering successful Data migration for our clients from all over the world. We also deliver plugins that fit your business requirements in the best possible manner and way. Therefore due to our competence and technical expertise we are the best in the field of SuiteCRM. In order to make sure that seamless and impeccable data migration takes place, it is recommended to utilize the code-level method delivered by  Outright Store that makes sure all the previous integrations and customizations are precisely transferred to the new instance. 

In Conclusion

SuiteCRM is quite evidently the most suitable option when compared to SugarCRM. Still, some businesses take time to realize this obvious fact. However, it is never too late to make the transition. Businesses can at any point in time can make the decision of switching from Sugar to SuiteCRM and perform the task of data migration from Sugar to SuiteCRM. It is quite a difficult task to choose which way to go when initiating the task of data migration, whether to use the available default tools or utilize third-party tools. We would recommend seeking support from a team of experts that have the necessary experience and expertise in the field of SuiteCRM.

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