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Supported versions: SuiteCRM 7.11.10
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SuiteCRM Global Search

Instant and accurate searches are crucial for any SuiteCRM. However, default SuiteCRM comes with limited search options. SuiteCRM Global Search plugin is an addon which gives you multiple options such as: 

SuiteCRM Enhanced Search Plugin enables these Key features.

SuiteCRM Enhanced Global Search

  • It allows you to perform searches based on selected modules.
  • Modules can also be configured as per your choice.
  • You can also set search preferences such as the Best match and begin with an exact match. 
  • You can also keep track of your search history.
  • You can also change the location of a search bar.


SuiteCRM Enhanced Search Plugins enables these Key features.

Searches are absolutely important for the functioning of any SuiteCRM. Default SuiteCRM will restrict your ability to perform searches. That is where Faster Global Search comes into the picture. Global Search is a SuiteCRM extension that gives multiple options to set search preferences, which further enhances your ability to perform searches and therefore save time and increase productivity.  as a SuiteCRM extension.

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3 reviews for SuiteCRM Global Search

  1. John Melilli

    Great Product, Easy to use and configure.
    I have been spending hours on my searches, it makes my life easy and saves many hours during a week.
    Thanks to outright for such a great product!

  2. Peter

    Excellent Product, works like a charm!

  3. Georg Wackenhut (verified owner)

    Faster Global Search for SuiteCRM plugin works fine on my SuiteCRM Version 7.10.11.
    What I really like in the plugin is the list of modules in which the search string is located.
    Thanks also for adapting the plugin to SugarProject Theme.

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