SuiteCRM Filter Manager (Saved Search)

SuiteCRM Filter Manager (Saved Search)

Saved Search Manager

  • Admin can now share filters (Saved Searches) to any user, team or Role.
  • Admin can edit / delete Saved Searches with real time update for users.
  • Users will get notified when they have new Filters enabled for them.

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Filter Manager (Saved Search Controller )
SuiteCRM Filter Manager (Saved Search)

You always go to searches to check which new lead comes in your CRM system and then you start your daily work. It can take a lot of time to check the leads from searches, so for your assistance, we are introducing a new aphorism extension for you called Filter Manager where you can make the searches and save it. It’s not only easy for the admin but also the best method  for the team members as the admin can share those searches with the team members to save their extra efforts before getting involved. Your team members don’t have to perform searches for their work now. Admin has control now on team members’ work when they assign the searches to them.

Real-life scenario: Suppose your employees come daily, open their system and search different leads with many different criteria before starting their work. This new plugin Filter Manager (Saved Search) may help the admin to assign the searches and share it with the team members as it will save their quality of time regarding searches of leads.

Key features:

  • It offers the quality of work as team members don’t have to perform searches.
  • It saves your precious time and your high-efforts.
  • Admin gets control on what their team members are working on.
  • If admin updates anything on searches, the update goes to team members too.
  • Admin can remove the searches and the search will no longer be available for team members.
  • Enable Saved Searches for a specific user.
  • Enable Saves Searches for a specific Team.
  • Enable Saved Searches for a specific Role.

Conclusion: Your time will now be saved regarding searches for leads/Accounts or any other module as simply you can save it if you strive for the extension called Filter Manager for your work. Furthermore, you get control on your team members to work as you can assign the searches to them and they can work on it rather than search leads separately. Read out the whole features to understand the whole plugin that how it can enhance your experience.

Download the user guide

 User Guide

Download the Installation guide

 Installation Guide


1 review for SuiteCRM Filter Manager (Saved Search)

  1. Dwayne

    Great tool! Using for several months now. This is a great way to have consistent filters throughout our team. Now we can see the same information on project lists for example.

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