SuiteCRM Global Search Enhancement to Make it Faster

Author Image By Ashish Dwivedi

Last Updated: October 20, 2022

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Many times SuiteCRM global search has broken. Many times users face an issue that no matter what is entered into the global search box the same records are returned in the search results. Not only this but you can face issues in a global search for your custom modules.

Thus sometimes we didn’t get the exact things in search results that we need. It would be intelligent and would return things that we actually need to find. Below is the process about fix the regular global search available in SuiteCRM.

Most issues in regular global search results are related to indexing. SuiteCRM has a module aod_index. This module is used for indexing the search. A quick fix can delete all records into this module. To do this task, don’t forget to take your backup of files and MySQL database. This is important to roll back if you faced any other issue after modification. You can do it more quickly by an extension SuiteCRM Database Backup-Restore Manager. This extension is available at Outright Store. You can download it from here and set up into your CRM.

Now back to process, So you can follow the below steps.

  • First backup your files and database.
  • Now check the AOD_Index module. It is available at modules/AOD_Index/Index/. Rename index folder.
  • Stop your cron jobs running into CRM for workflow stuff. You can use a SuiteCRM scheduler and turn inactive, all scheduled jobs.
  • Now delete all rows from MySQL table aod_index. You can use PHPMyAdmin, any other tool or command line.
  • Truncate table aod_indexevent also
  • Now turn everything back, Turn active your scheduled jobs

It’s understood that the above process is a little bit complex and needs some technical background. An extension is available at the Outright Store which is not only fast but more efficient. Faster Global search for SuiteCRM plugin enables a lot of values in search functionality. You can download it from here. – Download Faster Global search.

This extension is tested at various versions of SuiteCRM and working perfectly on each platform.

Installation is super easy and hassle-free. In case you face any issues during installation there is a lot of documentation and installation guides available at Outright Store website.

Please don’t forget to give your kind review of a product that is useful for you or not. You can suggest improving product functionality also in review. Outright Store always tries to provide the best solution and services to the customers and your reviews are very important to improve the software.

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