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Supported versions: SuiteCRM 7.0.0 – 7.11.6
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Drip CampaignsWhat is a Drip Campaign?

You have heard about the Drip Campaign. Daunting Practice!
Do you ever think your customers need personal attention?

Here is the way. Drip Campaigns!!.

Email Campaign engages your leads in a highly personalized manner.
Your customers are the heart of the business, they need personal attention.

It takes them according to their preferences and activities.

It is about to get rid of the same regular message to everyone.

It is about to make a choice based emailing, you call it Drip!.

Key Features:

  1. It is automated and scheduled like a regular campaign.
  2. It gives you choice on a daily basis and many more specific rules.
  3. Drip Email Campaigns help to improve the relationship between customers.
  4. Set different templates for different days. Set rules for different templates.
  5. Supports Parsing


3 reviews for Drip Campaign

  1. Nick Hoffman

    I got this wonderful Plugin when I was looking to move other CRM like SalesForce.
    I was looking to start Drip Emails for my customer as traditional Campaign module is too much hectic to use.
    Fortunately I got this plugin and it Works!

    Best , 5 Star Product!

  2. a.rehman

    As first step, you have mentioned to click on Admin and in demo page there is no option to navigate to Admin page.

  3. joemarley558

    This is a smart plugin !! You can set emails in order and send to a particular person on a particular day
    Great mechanism !!

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