How to create an Email Campaign in SuiteCRM?

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What is an Email Campaign? 

Email campaign or email marketing is a technique through which we can send the commercial message to the person or group using email. It is used for a specific period of time with one specific purpose. Primarily the main goal of the campaign is to sell the product or services but the superior translation of email marketing is to build a strong relationship with potential customers or clients.

Email Campaigns

Why Email Marketing is still in the market?

In today’s scenario, Campaign plays a very important role in business. It is used to boost the bonding between the potential customer, keep current customers informed for update brand and offer coupons to incite customer loyalty and more!

One of the big advantages of the campaign is Price. Email marketing is an inexpensive procedure to enhance your business, product, and service to the desired user. 85% of US retailers are considering email marketing is the best way to connect with the customer.

Let’s take a look at all the important steps of Email Marketing process-:

  1. Decide who’ll Receive Emails
  2. Create Eye-Catching Name of Campaign
  3. Set up Tracking
  4. Create a Template
  5. Start Writing Email Copy
  6. Sneak your Email
  7. Schedule your Email
  8. Estimate the Results

Email Campaign Tools

There are tons of tools and software available in the market for Campaigns. For example, Drip Campaign, MailChimp, SuiteCRM can be used to send the mail and track the status of your mail, You can also use the software to analyze your audience, check conversion rate, bounce rate and many more!

But my favorite is Drip Campaign. It provides lots of functionality in a very easy way. You can easily create and start the campaigns.

Why People Use SuiteCRM Campaign?

The Campaign module of SuiteCRM is a very robust tool for promoting and advertising your product & enterprise. They give enormous features for tracking campaigns.

Because it is a free tool, people use SuiteCRM for the campaign. Our data is already stored in CRM, so we can easily fetch the details of the customer for campaigning, which is the main advantage of the campaign with SuiteCRM.

Steps to run SuiteCRM Email Campaign

  • Go to the campaign module and click on create campaign.
create Campaign

  • Choose the type of campaign you want to run.
type of  Campaign

  • This is the first page of the campaign  “Campaign header” where you have to give a name to campaign and select the status as Planning.
Campaign header

  • This is the second page of the campaign “Target list”, the target list is a list of people whom we want to run a campaign. To run a campaign we have to select one default type target list and one test type target list.
target list

  • This is the third step of the campaign “Templates” where you have to create email template or select the existing template. 

Important Note -: You have to select Tracker URLs as well. What is the tracker URL? Tracker URL is an opt-out option for campaign users who don’t want emails from your end will simply click on this link and they will be opt-out from your CRM.

tracker url

  • This is the fourth step of E Campaign “Marketing” where you have to select a bounce handling email along with outbound email & schedule date & time.
Email marketing

  • This is the final step of the campaign “Send Email and Summary” where you have to test the campaign by clicking on “Send mail at scheduled time”  and to run the campaign by clicking on “Send Marketing Emails as Test”.
final step

Click here to watch a Video Tutorial :-

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