How to create an Email Template in SuiteCRM

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What is an Email Template?

An email template is an HTML predefined email layout that may include content like image or text. It is a standard message you can create to be sent out from a specific purpose at a specific time. It is used to apprise the user/client about the product and services. It saves your time when you frequently send the same email message to leads, contact or other business contacts.

email template

Once a template is created, you can use in many forms -:

  • To send an email to contact or lead.
  • To send a mass email to a group of contacts, leads or accounts.
  • To send triggered email to anyone through automation

Suppose you are going to start an Email Campaign for a particular product/service. First, you need a target list and the second important thing is Email Template.

Your Template should be in proper format and kept all the important details of the product.

How to create an Email Template in SuiteCRM.

1. Click on the email template from the navigation tab “ ALL”.

2. Click on create a new template.

email temp

3. Fill all required fields.

fill field

Important attribute of Email Template-: 

Name -: Give a meaningful name of the template.

Description -: Enter the description of the template, not more than 160 words.

Email Variables:- We create templates for specific modules and fields where we want dynamic value in the name, address, email address, etc.that’s why we use email variables.

Body -: Drag and Drop the template options to Grey Box and enhance the title and body of your own choice.

Click here to watch Video Tutorial :-

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