Computer Telephony Integration with Twilio

Author Image By Ashish Dwivedi

Last Updated: January 18, 2023

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Communication is the backbone of any growing business looking to maximize their profit and increase their productivity. Telephony integration with Twilio is the right tool to achieve your desired goals. Apart from the Twilio integration with the SuiteCRM, it also comes equipped with many more features and benefits not usually found in a telephony-based system. 

Here are some Key Features mentioned below:

  • Click To Call
  • SMS Conversation
  • Voice Recording

Outright Store Unique Solution For Twillio SuiteCRM Users

  • Twilio Power Call
  • SuiteCRM Twilio Connector 
    SuiteCRM Twilio Connector gives Click To Call ability to SuiteCRM and multiple phone numbers can be managed by the admin as well. 
  • Twilio Live Sync Functionality

Outright Store SuiteCRM also gives users the feature of real-time synchronization without any delay. It also comes with features like:

  • Click to Call
  • Call Tracker
  • Call attachment with SuiteCRM
  • Save Notes during the call 
  • Automatic Contact Dialer

Outright Store gives its users the most unique feature which saves time and effort and increases productivity. It allows users to reach the maximum number of prospects through the process of automation, dialer connects the next call automatically as soon as the ongoing call is disconnected.

Why we have Separated Call and SMS Functionality

Usually, the products that are easily available in the market have the default functionality that consists of both the SMS and Call feature together. They are not available for the users who wish to make use of both them separately or for those who only want to pay for one of the two features. However, Outright Store has come with a breakthrough solution to meet the growing demands of these particular users, who wish to use both services separately and only pay for the one that they choose to use. Saving both time and money and generating higher revenues and increasing their productivity. 

The functionality of Twilio SMS

Twilio SMS
  • Record Details
    With the help of Twilio SMS users can easily toggle between the communications of the past that have been sent to the customers. Users can also access their record history and learn more and improve their understanding of customer behavior.  By allowing users to access customer records history users become users can stay up to date about the status of the customer and perform the next course of action on the basis of that information. 
  • SMS Feature
    SMS functionality is made available for users to be used separately. Users can now have the freedom to choose if they wish to communicate by call or through SMS. Not only that this feature can be easily installed and uninstalled as well. 
  • SMS Logger
    This feature, in particular, makes the process of SMS easy and convenient. It allows users to detect if there are any issues in SMS communication with the customer. It also recognizes and highlights the file with the error, users do not have to go through the time-consuming task of finding the error file and then removing the error file. This unique feature helps save the company time and effort and increases productivity. 
  • Easy To Opt-Out
    Users can easily Opt-Out by just typing and sending STOP and they will not receive any communication in the future. 
  • Email Templates
    With the help of this unique feature, users can also use templates along with the SMS. Users can now choose the email template of their preference and sent it to the customer. This feature allows users to personalize their customer interaction.

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