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Supported versions: SuiteCRM 7.11.10
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Benefits of SuiteCRM Twilio SMSSuiteCRM Twilio SMS

Record Details: Twilio SMS allows users to access all the previous communications sent and received by the customers. Users can easily look into their record section to gain a better understanding of the customer interaction taken place in the past. By accessing the record section users can also find out the status of the last customer interaction and proceed accordingly.

SMS Functionality: It is easy to install and uninstall. Not only that SMS functionality is given separately to the users. So that they choose independently whether they want to communicate through SMS or by call only.

Opt-Out Options: Users can easily stop future communication through SMS by simply typing and sending STOP. This will allow users to stop receiving SMS communication in the future.

Email Templates: This unique feature allows users to use email templates when sending SMS. Users can now use the email templates of their choice while communicating with their customers. Which further enhances and improves the level of communication that is taking place between the company and the consumers.

SMS Logger: This key feature allows users to discover if in case there is any discrepancy in sending or receiving SMS. Which will ensure smooth and continuous communications with the customers? It will also direct users toward a particular file causing an error. Which will, therefore, help save valuable time and effort from the developer’s end. So that the developer no longer has to search for the file causing such problems and the issue can be easily resolved.


Why has the SMS option been given separately to users?

Existing products in the market come with both call and SMS functionality in Twilio Connector. However certain users only intend to use either call or SMS function but are forced to pay for both since there are no other options available in the market. That is precisely the reason why Outright Systems have introduced the option of SMS service separately to its users. So that the users only pay for what they wish to use and do not have to spend extra on a service that they do not wish to use. This helps businesses to save money and perform their actions exactly according to their preferences.


Why is SMS service better than calling?

Communication sent and received in an SMS format can easily be accessed in the future to gain a better understanding of interactions taking place in the past. Calling a customer, again and again, can be quite hectic and will also disturb the customer’s personal and professional life. However, SMS, on the other hand, can be frequently sent and received and will be more convenient for the customers. Therefore the benefits of sending and receiving SuiteCRM Twilio SMS exceed the benefits of calling.



1 review for SuiteCRM Twilio SMS

  1. joe.lee9529

    I was looking to send SMS from suitecrm , was looking to some nicer UI and track back history , found this plugin via google search and wondered it works seamlessly after install, documentation , videos , everthing helps perfectly. Upon contact for support, team at outright was very helpful!!

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