Top 9 Open Source CRM Software (2024)

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Last Updated: June 20, 2024

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Introduction – Open Source CRM

Many companies, particularly larger ones, use customer relationship management (CRM) to centrally store and manage customer data from multiple channels, including websites, social media accounts, customer service channels, and so on. A CRM facilitates the management of your business’s contacts with both present and future clients. We’re frequently taught that having a CRM is essential to properly managing our customer connections. Since open-source (Customer Relationship Management) CRM software includes contact management, pipeline management, marketing automation, and other relevant functionalities, many prefer it over proprietary or traditional software. Compared to proprietary software, open-source customer relationship management software does give users more control.

Significance and Benefits of Open Source CRM

  • Customization- You can fully customizable your open source CRM software. You can alter the software’s source code to customize specific features, and user interfaces, and add integrations.
  • Support Services- Open source CRM service providers also offer feature online communities for developers and users. They share troubleshooting tips and optimization ideas. These services may be available through web-based message boards, social media groups, etc. This is really helpful in the installation and configuration of the software.
  • Free or less costly- Since it is free and very cost-effective it is a great choice for small to medium scale businesses. Open-source CRM is less costly than the 
  • Scalability- Open-source CRM is highly scalable as upgrades can be quickly applied to it. With the growth and development of businesses, they need to add more functionalities to their software and expand the functionalities of it.

Factors to be considered while selecting your open-source CRM

  • Ease of usage

Your open-source CRM should be user-friendly. This will save time as time management is the most crucial thing. The users should be able to grasp things quickly as that will let them focus more on other productive tasks and not be stuck only in the installation and configuration process.

  • Features and your preferences

Every person and organization has their own set of preferences. Also, the needs of an organization depend on its size. A small organization will not have the same requirements as that of a big one. Hence you should look for the features and whether you require those features or not. 

  • Integrations 

Your open-source CRM should be able to integrate with other software applications and tools for added advantages. You should also look for the method used for integration like APIs, webhooks, etc.

  • Reporting and Analytics

Many business decisions are taken on the basis of data analysis only. Hence it is the root of many tasks. Hence you should opt for CRM that offers in-depth analysis and sales insights features. Customer feedback and reports are important for building strong relationships with your clients and closing more deals.

  • Affordable pricing

Your open-source CRM should have affordable pricing and upgrade charges

The last factor to consider for your free and open-source CRM is the upgrade charges. If, at any point, you need to switch from free to paid version, whether it be to remove a limit or add new features, you will be charged a fixed amount. 

What are the Top 10 Open Source CRM Platforms? 

From the above information you have got to know how powerful open source CRM software is, for your business. Now you need to know what the top 5 usable CRM platforms are available in the market since it may help you to select the one for your own business. So, let me walk you through the list of the top 5 open Source CRM Platforms. 

open source crm software

Odoo CRM

The open-source development model of OdooCRM is very proficient especially when you have to organize or manage your sales activities. Not only but it also implements very well in other activities having a bulk and automated manner.


  • Odoo open source CRM Software allows you to operate all activities from a single platform by integrating it with other desirable CRM software applications. 
  • It offers you a vast number of applications that provide you the flexibility to choose the right application for your various business requirements.
  • Within the odoo CRM application, you’ll be aware of the internal operation & every activity since it offers a dashboard that visually showcases the entire data. Additionally, will send you the daily ending trustworthy work report.


  • When you will explore the free plan of Odoo CRM then you will be able to operate only one of its applications.
  • If you are the one that needs accounting primarily then Odoo isn’t a good option for you. This is because Odoo CRM doesn’t offer the accounting module separately to its users. 
  • The Forecasting of Odoo Customer Relationship Management software is completely unworkable.


SuiteCRM is one of the top open source CRM software that gives you an all-inclusive view of your customers and business. The SuiteCRM is the top alternative to Salesforce that allows you to manage your customers and improve business efficiency.


  • SuiteCRM is an open source CRM software that doesn’t or charge a very small amount and provides the flexibility of a customizable work experience. 
  • It also has the functionality of integration which means you’re completely able to operate two platforms bi-directionally. It gives you a single access to perform various functionality.
  • Its simple user interface gives a more friendly-using way to its users in navigating it accordingly.


  • When it comes to downloading the data and importing it from any other software application you may face some issues or a few hard tasks in the SuiteCRM system. 
  • The predefined email templates and PDFs of the SuiteCRM system are not quite impressive. 
  • The SuiteCRM pricing is a British-based pound sterling that becomes a challenging task when one operates it in another country.


The freely available open-source VtigerCRM has released its updated version that offers you advanced services for your business requirements. These advanced features will allow you to align your marketing, sales, and support service team by bringing all customers’ data into a single view.


  • Support to PHP 8. x version, offer upgrade security for better performance, compliant with regulation. 
  • Supervise contact, manage help desk, check out on pipeline management, & provide communication functionality across multi-channel with a worldwide audience. 
  • Vtiger CRM allows you to track your prospects as well as customers via any platform or all social media channels. It assists you in interacting with their people at their preferred time and attracts them towards your brand. 


  • Vtiger open source CRM is not a mobile responsive Customer Relationship management system that is too essential in a business operation.
  • It has a very lack of space when it comes to filling and storing the customers’ details. It must have a manual operation space as well. 
  • The funnel of this software application can not be selected when an individual tries to operate it for a single instance in the user option of the dashboard. 


If you are running an e-commerce business & looking for a go-to choice of open-source CRM software then you must move towards OroCRM. Hence, organizations having the require for CRM for eCommerce businesses must analyze the trial of OroCRM.


  • OroCRM offers amazing B2B flexibility in the overall workflow. It provides integration functionality that enables you to synchronize your entire workflow and operate your business from a single access point. Additionally, you can segment the customer’s data and group of users.
  • OroCRM cut off on your efforts of implementing the eCommerce application in your operation since it provides an Oro-eCommerce application that’s standalone enough to handle overall eCommerce. That means you’ll get the feature of omnichannel from the OroCRM system. 
  • For the sales team, OroCRM is the best option since it offers a good user experience and a better interface. Since it is practical for team members who use direct channels & online channels for interaction to hit their targeted sales.


  • To utilize the feature of CMS (Case Management System) in the context of eCommerce, you need to customize it first. Otherwise, you can’t you the offered feature of CMS for your eCommerce operation. 
  • The OroCRM doesn’t support the projects plus it doesn’t offer the overall required features in the context of marketing like campaign management.
  • The configuration of this software can seem a little complex for first-time users. 

Espo CRM

The Espo CRM is a self-hosted cloud Customer Relationship Management software that provides various functionalities and tools for better work performance. At the time of importing the data from any application to this CRM, you’ve no need to check out for duplicates. Since it has an inbuilt feature that offers the same functionality & prevents the risk of duplication.


  • The modules of EspoCRM software are so flexible that means you can customize them accordingly and tailor them to your various requirements. 
  • Just like a normal CRM system, you will get all the features in this CRM software application along with the integration one. That means, it’ll allow you to operate any social & other applications directly from your CRM system. 
  • Just like other CRM systems Espo CRM provides a bunch of features including contact, calls, document, sales, & lead management, sales collaboration, camapign, reporting, & the list goes on.


  • There is no flexibility in customizing the predefined PDF templates of this software application since the templates use an outdated PDF library. 
  • The worst thing about this software is that you would be unaware of the updated features of the EspoCRM system. This is because upgrades are hard to perform occasionally or automatically, you may have to give the command for that. 
  • The trial section of EspoCRM is very limited hence the prospect can’t explore what kind of features they can get from this software after adaptation. 


This is one of the best free open-source CRMs for marketing campaigns. With its awesome visual workflow designer businesses can design and automate unique customer journeys. It has excellent lead generation features and tools to capture leads from Facebook. 


  • It shares its open-source code through GitHub. 
  • It has email modules that include open email tracking. 
  • It has mobile apps for Android and iOS.


  • It has limited support options. 
  • Its not very easy for users to learn and get used to its usage.
  • To integrate with other software tools you may require help from professionals.


This is one of the best free open-source CRMs for nonprofit and civic organizations. It has a comprehensive suite designed for civic engagement, with features like event management, fundraising, and member tracking. Other than that it has features like contact management, accounting integration, case management, and email marketing. 


  • It can integrate with CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.
  • Its free to download and use making it very cost effective.
  • Its provides tools for data security. 


  • It’s not designed for sales processes. Hence it’s not an option for most businesses.
  • To setup and maintain it you may require technical experts.
  • Some users have reported performance issues with it.

ConcourseSuite CRM 

This is the best open-source CRM for enterprise-level businesses. It also has features of CMS. it has the best web-based architecture feature through which you can update and access from any location. It has account and contact management system giving a 360 degree customer view. 


  • It has an enterprise document management system. 
  • It has paid versions with free trials. 
  • It offers a community support and assistance to its users.


  • Free version has very limited features. 
  • Its difficult to integrate it with other software tools without technical experts.
  • Its support systems are limited.

Axelor CRM

This is the best CRM software when you want to integrate with Gmail or Outlook. 

Along with sales, marketing and customer service features it also has features for finance, HR and project management. 

It has a unique feature of views creation allowing businesses to adapt the platform’s interface based on their specific processes without any coding.


  • It has mobile versions. 
  • It is free. 
  • Its user interface is very user friendly.


  • It dosent have any web browser version. 
  • It has limited support options.
  • It has limited third party integrations.

Crust CRM

It is one of the best open source CRMs due to its ease of usage. Its architecture is also made using low code due which makes its extra easy to customize it. To know its pricing you have to contact its team. 


  • It gives a 360-degree customer view. 
  • It has customizable dashboards. 
  • With its drag and drop functionality its very easy to set up the workflows. 


  • Its made mainly for the enterprise level organizations so its not a suitable option for small and medium sized businesses.
  • To add more features you have to pay more. 
  • Its costly.  

Drawbacks of Open Source CRM

  • You will need people with technical skills- Open source software requires customization which you cannot do without the knowledge of coding and programming. Hence a skilled IT professional is required for customization and maintenance of the software. 
  • Security concerns- Since the source code of open-source CRM  is open. Hence there are no formal requirements or standards for maintaining the security of its code. Hence businesses must look for the security features in an open source CRM.
  • Lack of support teams- Since the business itself does the customization. Hence open-source CRM service providers rarely have the support teams that traditional CRM service providers have.

Ending Note

Open source CRM is the best option if you are looking for custom solutions for your business. This is because it allows you to do the customization in its source code & offers you a strong grip on the personalization process as well. This all happens since its source code & license are publicly accessible within reach or free of cost or very little payment.

Apart from this, you may get a long list of features of open source CRM software that will tailor your several business expectations. This ideal choice delivers a large number of automated functions that you can not get in a traditional or proprietary CRM solution. To being a pro in deep-sight of open source CRM systems, this article will assist you.

FAQs – Open Source CRM Software

What is an Open Source CRM?

An open-source CRM is a customer relationship management platform that makes its source code publicly available to use and manipulate for customization and integrations. The best open source CRM software is easy to use, offers a strong out-of-the-box solution, and provides affordable hosting plans.

Is SuiteCRM open-source?

It is indeed entirely open-source. The fact that SuiteCRM is and always will be open-source, as stated by SalesAgility founder and chairman Greg Soper, is a key component of the SuiteCRM “deal” with the community.

Does Google have a CRM?

Google does not offer a stand-alone customer relationship management program. But it makes up for it with useful tools like Calendar, Sheets, and Google Contacts. Businesses can use these tools, while not CRM specifically, to their advantage. Many choose to combine them with outside CRM programs, building a strong framework for all-encompassing customer relationship management.

Is Vtiger CRM open source?

Vtiger is the most popular open source CRM worldwide. Construct your own CRM and add features as you see fit. To effectively analyze and reason through business objectives and issues, Vtiger Open Source CRM requires serious investments.

Is Odoo CRM free?

Yes, the free plan supports numerous companies. Additionally, Odoo Studio is available as an app with a free plan.

Is open-source CRM secure?

The answer is no. since it is open source i.e. the source code is publicly available hence it lacks security. It operates on a hosted cloud which makes it easy to access and use through a mere internet connection.

How do I decide if open source is the correct choice for me?

The factors you should consider while choosing your open-source CRM software is mentioned above in the article.

Are open-source CRMs free?

Yes, many of the open-source CRMs are free of cost or have very affordable pricing.

Which one is the best to use from all five?

The best depends completely on your requirements and preferences. Every CRM is best suited for specific areas.

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