Best Construction CRM Software in 2023

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Last Updated: December 5, 2023

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Construction CRM is the CRM designed specifically for construction purposes. It has specific features that help in preconstruction planning and construction development. In the construction industry, more than 70% of the business comes from existing customers. Hence maintaining proper customer relationships is the backbone of construction industries. CRM for construction industries helps in the proper tracking, maintaining, and closing of deals. Also, CRM for construction industries increases its lead generation.

Benefits of Using CRM Software

Customer Relationships

Like other businesses customer relationship is an integral part of construction businesses too. A good CRM centralizes all the customer data and maps their customer journey. This helps businesses to cater to the requirements and preferences of their customers better. Also, this data helps in the lead generation process.


With the lack of proper digital infrastructure, the productivity of a company decreases. Many construction companies suffer due to this hence good CRM software is extremely crucial for construction companies. A good CRM digitalizes all the processes and enhances communication between the departments as well as with the customers.

Boost in Sales & Revenues

With CRM the business processes become more efficient and hence the sales and revenues of the company increase.


CRM automates many sales, marketing, and customer service tasks. Also, it automates many construction-specific tasks. This exempts employees from doing everyday monotonous repetitive tasks and lets them concentrate more on other productive activities.

Must-Have Features In Construction CRMs

Features in Construction CRM

Pipeline Management

With this feature, your CRM will give you good visibility into your sales pipeline, and tracking leads. You will give an analysis about which construction projects will have more potential. It will also give an analysis of at which time a particular project is going to be closed. You’ll get an analysis of which areas you should focus more on and which areas can be neglected. It overall helps in optimizing your sales activities.

Activity management

A good construction CRM should manage and track all the sales activities. You should be able to control the tasks of your teams like making phone calls, sending emails, etc. This increases the productivity of your team. You can also track project quotes and contract management.

Contact management

Your construction CRM should have an easy-to-navigate database.
It should include contact details and customer data. Some excellent CRMs can also pull data from LinkedIn and other social media platforms to be updated with the latest information.

Data Analytics

The right data analytics will help in the accurate understanding of a particular deal. Hence the right data analytics will make your business process more optimized.


A good CRM has good analysis features that help in forecasting the deals. This boosts the productivity of business management.


Construction businesses need to pick a CRM that has specialized functions for construction businesses. Also, you need to pick a CRM based on its size. The CRM should offer features for your business size. Also, the CRM should be capable that more features can be added in it. With this when your business grows you can add more features to your CRM. plus your CRM should be customizable and should have a user-friendly interface.


Your construction CRM should be able to integrate with other software tools and applications for added advantages.

Cloud-based CRM vs. onsite CRM

Maximum CRM solutions are cloud-based. It has various advantages like it reduces the cost of infrastructure, setup, and maintenance. It has unlimited data. But there your data is not properly secured as the control over your data is with your CRM vendors. In the case of onsite CRM, there will be more costs involved and limited storage space but there will not be any involvement of a third party. All your data will be highly secured.

Best Construction CRM Software

Best Construction CRM Software


It is a CRM especially designed for contractors, builders, and real estate developers. It is suitable for all kinds of businesses including startups, agencies, etc. With this, you can easily track and manage all aspects of your business by automating sales, marketing, and support processes. It has several features designed especially for construction companies like appointment reminders, case management, solution management, account alerts, list management, sales force automation, asset tracking, and private cloud. You can integrate iCRM with many other software applications and tools. It has many customization options through which you can easily create custom solutions according to your requirements and preferences. This CRM has excellent analytics and reporting features. It has free and paid plans.


It is a construction CRM with specialized features for construction companies like Lists, Calendars, and Gantt charts. It makes communication effective and you can easily tag your team and chat with them anytime and anywhere. This tool is compatible with desktops, mobile, and browsers. With ClickUp you can easily draft contracts and documentation, add formatting, and leave comments so everyone is on the same page at every stage of the project. It has excellent scheduling features like start dates, due dates, and exact times. It has excellent customer service features like Help Centres and webinars. ClickUp has reporting and analytics features with a customizable dashboard. It has AI-integrated features to manage tasks related to construction. You can also keep track of your ongoing projects. It has free as well as paid plans.


It’s a Construction CRM with excellent features. It has features like estimates, contracts, and e-sign to help in the sales processes. Acculynx has excellent features for lead management. It is compatible with iOS and mobile. With this, you can also easily run SMS and email marketing campaigns. To know its more features and pricing details you need to contact its team.

Unanet CRM

It is a Construction CRM especially designed for enterprise-level organizations. Unanet CRM streamlines customer tracking and communication with them. It also automates many sales and marketing processes. It has excellent customer service features. Unanet CRM offers advanced features like lead scoring, contact segmentation, data analytics, reporting, and workflow automation. It helps construction companies to improve their customer experience. It also has document management and resource management tools. Unanet CRM has a revenue mode where you can manage the sales pipeline. It has features for accounting as well. It has expense report templates and timesheets. To know the details of its pricing you have to contact their team.


If you are in the construction industry and confused about whether you require a CRM solution for your business or not. Then this article is for you. This article illustrates the requirement of CRM in the construction industry and how it can boost sales and revenues. Also, there are some of the best CRM software for construction businesses.

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