SuiteCRM Twilio Connector – Best integration of communication in CRM

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Last Updated: January 18, 2023

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Twilio is a well known and most popular cloud communication platform available which is secure and 99.9% success rate of API. 

The important thing is how fast we reach to the customer and give the best offer, here reach to customer matter. Although SuiteCRM Twilio Connector has campaigns sometimes communication over voice is necessary.

Customers are a top priority of any business and engagement with customers is necessary to increase sales and ROI of the business.

OutRight Store has developed an extension for Twilio Integration into SuiteCRM which builds intelligent communications in CRM with the help of web API of Twilio Connector. 

This extension has a lot of features that increase the power of communication into SuiteCRM. A great feature of this extension is Twilio live sync functionality. It is real-time synchronization without any delay between Twilio and SuiteCRM.

There are various other useful features, Some are listed below e.g. 

 Click to call
– SMS conversations
– SMS template
 Call tracker
– SMS tracker
 Attached the call or SMS to the CRM records.

This extension uses a util file for it’s a various operation, which is another great product from Outright Systems and available free for download at the Outright Store. Outright Utils are available and required in various addon provided by Outright Store.

This extension is tested at various versions of SuiteCRM and working perfectly on each platform. Installation is super easy and hassle-free. 

You need to set up an account at Twilio and get some information from there,e.g. Account SID, AUTH TOKEN, PHONE_SID, etc.

In case you face any issues during installation there is a lot of documentation and installation guide available at the Outright Store website. 

Please don’t forget to give your kind review of the product that is it useful for you or not. You can suggest improving product functionality also in review. Outright Store always try to provide the best solution and services to the customers and your reviews are very important to improve the software. 

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