7 ways to use Google Trends for making your SEO better

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Last Updated: July 17, 2024

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In the earlier situation, we had no understanding of the topics that are trending in people’s minds and that’s why we didn’t present what they expected. The audience may have dozens of ideas that they are looking for, but how can you catch all those? This question always strikes in our mind and finally, we get the solution to that. Introducing “Google Trends” tool which analyzes the Search data and shares it with us. It’s not at all an average SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool. We would like to invite you all to join us on this guided tour of Google trends search. 

What is Google Trends? 

Put simply, this is one of the Online SEO Search tools for your SEO team which unlocks the entire data and graph on the popularity of search terms. This means that the tool can cull the data from Google Search and yes, you can compare the frequency of search terms. The tool was introduced in the year 2006. 

Want to know more?

Suppose you want to know how many/what queries are in trending or what topics people are searching for these days. All you have to do is just use this splendid SEO tool in your work and it will highlight all this data.  Surprisingly, it can even share how specific People Search queries have been made over a specific period of time.

This tool we must say is beneficial for your “Keyword Research” team also. You can’t put any kind of content or keyword in social media, on your e-commerce website, or on any other platform. You are always curious to know what kind of words or phrases are required for audience interest. So, the best practice is to adapt the Google trends search. 

Remember one thing:

The tool called Google Trends is FREE for everyone. And the specialty of this tool is to discover the Geographic Search trends local to your area. 

Now we decided to share a comprehensive overview of Google trends search. Do you want to know what benefit you will get when using Google trends for SEO? 

Google Trends for SEO: How it is an opportunity for everybody

If you are SEO users then this article is for you. Make sure not to skip in the middle. Have a look at the jotted points given below-

  • SEO team can compare Two Keywords together

We will elaborate this with an example here: you are running your CRM business and you deal with both SuiteCRM and SugarCRM software. Now your SEO team wants to search both the software keywords separately to identify which keyword got more results last month. 

compare Two Keywords

The team can keep a close eye on that keyword. Use Google trends search for this. When using Google Trends for SEO purposes it will highlight the actual graph that you need to understand. Note down this point because we believe that every day the SEO user performs “Keyword comparison” activity.

  • Unhide the Related keywords for your assistance

Avoid the guesswork of using the related keywords in your article or anywhere. Allow us to put a spotlight on the next superfine feature of this advanced tool and that is “finding related keywords”. When you operate this online tool in your SEO lead generation purpose or for any matter, you can watch out that it shares the recommended related keywords as well. 

The tool will share the related keywords that are evolving in popularity. Worth it! Yes, of course, because you can find out the relevant keywords and can identify more better. A plus point for your SEO practice. What to do for this? 

Related Keywords

Just write down the name of the keyword on the home page of this tool and the site will return a list of keywords that are closely related to your search. 

Bear in mind: like you made your account on Google Analytics or in Google Search Console, you don’t need to make an account in Google Trends search. 

  • Do you want to Target by Location? 

We are sure that many noted down this strategy earlier but didn’t apply yet. The reason is not getting any top-notch tools in the business. Now let’s bring relief in your business. With the tool called Google Trends for SEO, you can use local keyword trends and get to know which region or sub region needs the product or service that you are selling. 

Target by Location

Suppose you are offering Customer support service of Customer Relationship Management software then you can use the local keywords and get to know which region requires your company. Here the Location Filtering functionality enables you to know the geographical areas with the top-most demand of the product and services. This is a huge opportunity. Don’t miss it. 

  • You vs Your Competitor, monitor their entire activity

Imagine the audience as Fish. If you want to catch all the fish from different-different regions then don’t feel like you are the only one who is under this activity. Feel like the competitor is 2 steps further from you. But now it’s quite simple to monitor their activities. Really? This online search tool that we are talking about in this article is a helping hand here. 

Competitor Analysis

You get a complete picture of how awesome they are performing against your brand. Suppose you are selling SugarCRM plugins in the market. If you want to know how your competitors having the SugarCRM extensions are performing then it is possible. We will suggest you to analyze their marketing channel so that you can improve your organization and easily maximize business growth. 

  • Build up Future Content with Related topics

Before going to understand this point, first, we want to clear that: have you understood now that Google trends assist you to discover the search terms? If yes, then let’s understand this point together. The Related Search term not only for keyword purpose but also unprecedented for showing the related topics for your content build-up. 

You are working on your future content in your present, what else do you need. You are in your audience’s mind that the topics they are searching for or what they like the most. The Content Marketing team must adapt this tool today to make their content more articulated in the present and future. 

  • With Few click, share the Keyword Graph on Social Media

Suppose you search for the “Create Facebook Page” keyword and this online search tool presents the graph of the last two months. You get a complete insight into how many audiences search for this keyword in the month of December and January. 

Social Media

You can share the graph on social media sites like LinkedIn or on Facebook. It is a social media marketing strategy for most of the professional SEO users. Why not take the chance of sharing it? Also, you can download the graph and save it on your desktop. So while using Google trends for SEO, these two activities are possible. 

  • Beneficial for bringing vast changes in Video content

We mentioned above that this free tool of SEO is valuable for checking the related topics. Agree? And now we have one more huge advantage for the video optimization process. The video makers can improve their video content via Google trends search. Using the Google trends for SEO activity like video optimization is a better way to vastly enhance video strategies. 

Like you can get to know that the audience needs a discount on products and services. Then, the next time you can work on that and can improve the title and description of your video. One more thing: a special chance to grab the YouTube traffic as well. 

Concluding Remarks: While reading out “What is Google Trends” with more surprising details above, we get to know that it is really beneficial than ever. A tool that makes a picture of what you are writing and shares it with you to start focusing on that. This online search tool is embedded with multiple functionalities that will surely enrich the SEO strategy for your business. A Unique Insight is always worth it as we always get from Ahrefs and SEMrush and now on Google Trends which is absolutely free. Using Google Trends for SEO will give maximum benefits. Do plenty of activities with this top-grade tool for the SEO business.

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