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Last Updated: December 18, 2023

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Businesses always welcome the new ways introduced to get engaged with the audience but nevertheless, they believe in the power and functionality of email marketing which is everyone’s topmost priority. Daily billions of email sends and this symbolizes how good the platform is to make a new connection and strengthen your goals. Well, if we talk about the goals then, of course, these days the trending ones are “Automation” or setting up the “Personalized workflow”. Are you one of them who are curious about email activity and want these two essential goals to get achieved? You need an email drip campaign in your business. Why?

What is an Email Drip Campaign? 

Drip campaigns or you can say “lifecycle email” is considered as an automated set of emails that basically go out based on a specific timeline or you can say based on the user’s action. It enables the businesses to grab more prospects via lead nurture programs as the platform saves your manual efforts where you don’t need to send email to all your customers at once. The big role of drip campaigns is to share the information to customers automatically at a relevant time. Bear in mind: this drip campaign also known as email automation, autoresponders and lifecycle emails.

Did you know why people prefer drip campaigns more rather than putting efforts on single sending email? The reason is “Open rates” and “Click-through rates” of a drip campaign is higher in comparison with the single sending email and this is a big advantage for businesses to shake hands with the prospects and turn them into loyal customers. We have written this blog to guide you about this term and even to inform you of some crucial elements of an effective email drip campaign for you. Well, the drip campaign is evolving with every day passing, so let’s examine what elements to know and how it will help to design a good drip campaign.

Top elements of email drip campaign to design better


Let’s dive a little deeper to understand the effective elements of the drip campaign and the first one that you should pay attention to is “Goals”. Are you clear about what you want to achieve or what you want to focus more on? If not then you are totally wasting your time because no goal means no business growth. This is the simple formula if you have not set up the goal. 

Let us inform you that every organization should be clear about what they are trying to achieve because this strategy is not that one which you can decide later on. When working on the drip campaign then, of course, its goals are customer engagement and the second one is selling products of the business. So, do you already have this goal in your mind or something else?

email drip campaign goals

Frequency and Interval elements are essential

Let’s move on and understand the next effective element before designing a drip campaign and that is frequency and intervals. You have written down the content that according to you is eye-catching and relevant for your business, so now you will start the campaign by setting the timing and frequency of the email. 

When you go for the email drip campaign then your role should start with high frequency and with minus the interval. Like you can now send an email daily, weekly or once in a month and more importantly, you can send email to those who are in your business list for a while.

The content you are sharing

These days we all have heard a new adage that is “Content is King” and if working in an email drip campaign then the content is playing a key role to get engaged with the prospects easier. Your main goal should be creating an fascinating and interesting email because no one has time to read out a tedious email. 

Not down some points: you should not write too much content on your drip campaign because it is an irrelevant idea and your email should be scannable. Here you have to pay attention to the content because readers want to understand what you are selling and you should be clear by writing what your product is.

email content for drip campaign

Understand the Segmentation element too

Above the three elements are great ways to build up a perfect drip campaign to grab more prospects for your business. If you want to understand the further elements then the next one we would like to unlock is Segmentation which plays an essential role for your organization for creating plenty of email campaigns for your audience. 

It will not be similar at all as only the core part remains the same and the rest of others will be different. Here A/B Testing assists you by sharing the right information for the right segment.

Start building automated customer journeys

You want the drip campaign that you made should follow the action the customer made. Do you think that such a situation can be created? Not a big deal if you build up automated customer journeys because it is a workflow where your drip campaigns easily keep eyeballs on the actions of the customer that what it takes or what he/she does next. 

This is something you can say a personalized touch where what your customer is doing or where they are in your campaign, you will get every piece of information properly. You can customize the message your audience receives as this customer journeys allows you to do this.

automated customer journey

Customers needs should be fulfill

Did you first research what the audience is looking for? This habit of researching can be very helpful for you because it is one of the elements of drip campaigns that you should pay attention too. Let’s understand this one with a real-life example as most of the business goal is to sell numerous products every single day but it can be achieved if you present the audience what your product is and how it will be helpful for them once they adapt their products. 

Suppose if the audience gets to know that the benefit you share about the product is best for them then start counting the leads because they will surely contact you and purchase your product. Present the correct information on your drip campaign to achieve more.

Measuring the performance

Last but certainly not least- we just want to know from those who are paying attention and looking to build the drip campaign that “is there any need for how you performed? Just sharing the drip campaign and your job is done. It is a totally incorrect decision. 

If you have this mindset then you are driving your business in a wrong way and if looking to bring it back on the track to drive perfectly you should check out the number of clicks on your campaign, clicks on a landing page, how many filled sign-up forms, etc. The click and open-through rate are not so daunting as you can measure it when working on the drip campaign process.

Drip Campaign Process

SuiteCRM Email drip campaign for controlling customer’s behavior

It’s time to personalize customer interaction of every business and get control over their customer’s behavior. Do you have any such plugin that you already entail in your organization to hone your goals and bring development? Let’s meet up with a new plugin introduced by Outright Store called SuiteCRM Email drip campaign which is a perfect example to achieve the objective of personalized communication and to uplift more business sales in the present and future.

The extension SuiteCRM Email drip campaign is not just only this as it has a toolbox with multiple functionalities to tailor your needs. Let’s get aware of its features-

  • It enables to check email status and monitor progress
  • A big role is to send emails at a predefined timing
  • Helps to strengthen your relationship with customers
  • It plays a key role by setting up target user with schedule emails
  • Have a separate communication pattern for new and even for current customers
suitecrm drip campaign

Over to you

Email is such an outstanding platform that helps the organizations to shine like a sun all the time. Having an email platform then, of course, you have an abundance of goals but if you are keen to achieve the goals like automation or if about the personalized workflow for better communication with customers then strive Drip campaign today which is correct for this task and also has remarkable features to enrich your experience. These days you can design up the drip campaign but the question is what things to clear and what elements to understand before going to put hands on the drip email campaign? We have uncovered the list of elements for you above and also if you need the great plugin for this task then we highlighted SuiteCRM Email drip campaign which is worth it for your work. Let’s start work on drip camping and find out what better result we will get now.

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