Website SEO: Role of Content Promotion

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If you are a website owner, pushing hard on SEO for your website, This page might be eye-catching for you. I have struggled with SEO Promotion efforts over 6 months, then finally I got my roads.

At the point of writing this article

According to Experts:

“ Content is king”, in my last article, I have been disagreeing with my verdict, which is “Trust is the king” if you trust what you sell and your customers trust you, only then you rock SEO Promotion.

Role of Content Promotion

Nevertheless, Content is the most important factor which pulls traffic to your site, still, you need to focus on what you are selling and how you are promoting your content.

According to my practice, The Role of Content falls somewhere 20-30%, Promoting content to the right people at the right time is a Major factor. Today I am going to show this. This article was written for a software store, your Promoter may be different.

Choose your Top #3 Promoters. I have been going through


They are #1 according to me, they give you instantly the audience, give you a place where you can post your articles, posts, HashTag, etc. Most important Linkedin is a place of Groups, which give you instant access to relevant users


Yes!, They also come with Facebook groups, business pages etc.  Most important FB comes with instant Message to people, which may also use to send direct links to users.


You do Tweet early morning, push Hash Tags, instantly go to your followers. On Twitter, you are free to follow anything. Which makes it easier to get more and more followers as well.


Videos, Can be great promoters, use it very smartly.

Push hard work on your Top 4 promoters, Watch traffic strongly. Swap them if they not working.

Rest you may make another list of promoters, let call 15 more.

 Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Plurk and many more…

Going through deeper into google analytics, make few reports to see how changes are coming along.

Top Suggestions:

  1. Dig out top competitors, you will get top keywords and top backlinks from there.
  2. Push fresh content on a regular basis, any content spinning, duplicacy must be avoided.
  3. Cover up your content with Images, don’t forget to put ALT tags.
  4. Push Long trail keywords with content.
  6. Offer free support for a while.
  7. If possible, give them a choice to try things before buying.

Trust is like a two way communiction and Trust is the king, build huge trust with your customers, they should know how good you as a person and how good in your products.”

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