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Supported versions: SuiteCRM 7.11.10
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SuiteCRM Themes Customization

SuiteCRM Theme Style Builder


SuiteCRM Themes Style builder gives users the ability to customize the existing layout of their CRM. Theme style builder gives users access to an endless variety of colors fonts and theme styles to choose from. Users are no longer dependent on a professional designer to enhance the appearance of their existing CRM.

Get exclusive access to unlimited range of themes colors and fonts. Personalize and customize your SuiteCRM Themes in accordance with your own personal style. We can make that possible for you. The CRM theme builder will help you to bring more flavors in your personal and professional life.


SuiteCRM Theme style builder gives users the ability to make their desired changes to improve the functionality and productivity of their existing CRM layout. Users are no longer restricted to the limitations of their existing CRM. SuiteCRM gives users the ability to pick and choose from a vast array of features made available in SuiteCRM Theme Style Builder.


The Unique Color Picker Section


  1. Users can now pick and choose from the endless variety of colors made available for them by SuiteCRM Theme style builder.
  2. Users now can possess the ability to change the color of the list view, edit view and the detail view.
  3. This is a unique feature made available to our users by our product.

Choose Endless Fonts from Our Font Family Section


  1. Unlike our competitors, we give users the unique ability to change their font styles.
  2. Users can now gain access to various font styles from our font family section.
  3. Enjoy using different font styles to enhance the productivity of your work.

Change Theme Styles According to Your Preference


  1. Theme Style Builder also gives users the unique ability to change the themes of their CRM.
  2. Users are no longer restricted to using a particular theme style.
  3. With the help of our product, users can consistently keep on changing their theme styles according to their preferences.
  4. Which improves user functionality and eventually results in increased productivity.

SuiteCRM Theme Style Builder Is Compatible with The Latest CRM Version Available


  1. Users can easily install and uninstall the SuiteCRM Theme style builder.
  2. Data remains intact even after the upgrade of the existing CRM.

Break Free from The Limitations Imposed by Your Existing CRM Interface


We are well aware of the restrictions and limitations imposed by the default existing CRM. Which limits the creative process of an individual. With the help of our unique SuiteCRM Customization users can keep on personalizing and customizing their CRM interface. Users often face great difficulty in making the changes they desire in their existing CRM and are dependent heavily on the assistance of a professional developer. However, with the help of our product users can do so with great ease and comfort. Free SuiteCRM Themes are available in the market often come with certain restrictions and limitations. Therefore it is wise to invest in our product to improve and increase the productivity of your work.

With the help of our SuiteCRM Themes, users can break free from their monotonous and redundant CRM layout. Users can keep making the changes they desire with the help of our unique SuiteCRM Themes Customization.

Users can also make their CRM layout more interesting and attractive.

Our SuiteCRM Theme Customization help users to stimulate their creative side which helps in improving their daily tasks. As it helps them to break free from the restrictions and limitations of their monotonous and redundant CRM layout. No wonder our unique SuiteCRM Theme Style Builder saves time and meets user requirements with great accuracy and precision.


User Guide:-


1. Go to the Admin Section.


SuiteCRM Themes



2. Click on the Outright SuiteCRM Theme Style Builder.


SuiteCRM Customization


3. Click on Create Outright Theme Generator.


SuiteCRM Theme Customization


4. Create your theme, fill your colors in all sections either by color code or pick from a color picker.


SuiteCRM Theme


5. Go to the Profile.


SuiteCRM Themes



6. Select your created theme from the style dropdown.


SuiteCRM Theme Customization



2 reviews for SuiteCRM Theme Style Builder

  1. rafanercessian (verified owner)

    Really awesome add-on!! A+

  2. sbradleyjones92

    This plugin made my CRM colorful !! very easy to use just choose your color/fonts for particular part of CRM.
    Thanks to Outright

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