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SuiteCRM Smart Duplicate Detector

Exact match feature

There is a pre-built duplicate detection rule called Exact Match. When this is enabled, you will be able to save a record if there is at least one unique field. It will ignore the other duplicate fields..

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A dialog box showing duplicate fields

Right next to the field, you will be able to see a dialog box containing records with the same values.

Instant alert for duplicate records

While you enter the value in the fields, the plugin will instantly tell you if there are other records with the same fields.

You can create multiple duplicate detection rules for different modules in the SuiteCRM. Also, you can select fields for which you would like to avoid duplication.

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Save Anyways

There is an option called “Save Anyway” that will override the duplicate rules you must have created

Duplicate Finder solution for SuiteCRM

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Video Tutorials

SuiteCRM Smart Email Detector

See how SuiteCRM Smart Duplicate Detector proactively detects duplicate data and prevent you from creating duplicate entries in SuiteCRM.

Customer Reviews

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Robert Parker

Because of this extension, my CRM records are free from duplicate entries whatsoever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Faq Section

How many settings/rules can I create for detecting duplicate fields?

Using this plugin, you can create single as well as multiple settings/rules. For using it for any specific module like leads or contacts, create a single setting otherwise multiple settings will do the job.

Is there any option to save a record despite having duplicate fields?

Yes, there is an option called “Save Anyways” which will allow you to create a new record in the SuiteCRM module even if there is a duplicate record with the same field values.

For how many module fields I can check for duplication?

You can combine all SuiteCRM module fields like email address, name, phone number, etc in the rule if you want. The extension will check for duplicate values for all configured fields.

Does SuiteCRM Smart Duplication Detector work on custom fields too?

The plugin is capable of detecting duplicate values in SuiteCRM custom fields as well.