SuiteCRM Fields & Panels Importer

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SuiteCRM Fields & Panels Importer

CSV to SuiteCRM - Fields & Panels Importer

  • Import Fields & Panels from CSV to SuiteCRM in bulk
  • Uploads fields data directly into the detail & edit view
  • Compatible with all core and custom SuiteCRM modules

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SuiteCRM Fields & Panels ImporterSuiteCRM fields and panel importer is a great productivity plugin that allows you to upload large sets of data from the CSV files. It will save the user’s a lot of time because they don’t create fields and panels one-by-one manually. This plugin comes in as a savior for those who frequently need to create new fields and panels in the SuiteCRM. Let’s understand the significance of this SuiteCRM extension with a real-life example.

Real-life Example: Consider yourself in a scenario where you need to create and set up a new SuiteCRM from scratch. Obviously, you also need to create custom fields and panels as well. There will be two options in front of you, either create each field and panel manually or use the plugin to import them in bulk from a CSV file. We believe all of you would prefer automated and smart work instead of manually doing it.

Features of SuiteCRM Fields & Panels Importer

  • The plugin will allow you to import fields and panels in bulk from CSV files to the SuiteCRM module.
  • Fields and panels will directly upload into the specified module i.e. you don’t need to go in Studio and drag & drop the fields manually.
  • Immediately after uploading, the imported data will start showing in detail view as well as edit view.
  • Through this extension, you can import data in core as well as custom SuiteCRM fields.
  • Users can upload any kinds of fields they want like text, checkbox, URL, etc under a panel.
  • For reference, we have also provided a sample CSV file. You can check it out to get the exact idea of the data structure and format.

Download the user guide

 User Guide

Download the Installation guide

 Installation Guide



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