Prime Reasons to choose SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration Plugin

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Last Updated: March 31, 2023

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Marking all pivotal calls, meetings, and tasks in Google Calendar is always at your fingertips. But the thing is it should also be visible in SuiteCRM software whenever you use it. Nobody wants to dive into switching different-different tabs at the same time. So, the Best-of-breed Product for this task is SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration. All tasks and Meetings will be synchronized between both these platforms. 

If you are reading this blog then it means you have felt the need for a great extension. Businesses feel that it is very unproductive to work on both platforms simultaneously. Lots of Manual efforts are required and no doubt, you need to keep some priority work aside. Centralizing the data is the key plus scheduling promptly helps to improve your team productivity. This is why today’s businesses must endeavor for Google Calendar SuiteCRM Integration Product. 

Let’s shed some light on how this add-on can help you more. Read out the blog word for word below-

What is SuiteCRM Google Calendar Extension?

A Cutting-Edge Plugin of SuiteCRM which never lets you miss any crucial Meetings or tasks in whichever platform you marked. Whatever you set in Google Calendar to get in touch with the client, you will be informed by the SuiteCRM software too.

For Centralizing the tasks and Meetings, Integration is indispensable between Google Calendar and SuiteCRM. Additionally, here an Admin can assign the Calendar to the appropriate user too after knowing the meeting schedules. 

SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration

“Sooner you take this Advanced Plugin, the Faster it improves Productivity”

Business’s Best Investment today is this Product 

We have something very Interesting to uncover here. Once a client shared a query with us. He was in the post of Manager and explained to us that his company team was not aware of the ongoing meetings between Manager and customers. He said that he got various meeting schedules with the customers. Surprisingly, all Meetings at the same time. The company always faced this Confusion. This unorganized way is no doubt a Hectic! The company asked us to share the Bespoke solution. 

We have nothing better than SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration Plugin. Till now, the company found this extension a medicine because now their burning problem is solved finally. The product minus the confusion and updates in Real-time in both SuiteCRM software and Google Calendar. Now every team department of their company can check out which Time slot is available to conduct meetings with the customers. 

Proven Functionalities of Google Calendar SuiteCRM Add-on

So, without beating around the bush let’s cut the chase to know how this plugin is more powerful for every CRM Industry. 

  • Going to explain the first and foremost feature “Real-Time synchronization”. Update both these platforms at the same time with no such delay at all. Centralized everything must be easier for the business team to access quickly. 
  • The second functionality is about syncing Google Calendar tasks and meetings. Here one person can sync all Google Calendar. Also, the person can Assign the calendar to the accurate User of your business for scheduling calls, tasks, meetings etc. 
  • Generally, businesses have clients all over the world. How do you manage the Meeting time according to their Time zone? If you have no single clue about it then buy this Extension first. Every client will see the Meeting time according to their own Time zone. This plugin will help you in this task. 
  • Sync Future Days Meeting? Can it happen? We are providing the functionality of syncing future days Meetings for the businesses. Sync up to 60 future days easily with the use of this addon. And just like the Meetings, any user can create a task and calls in both these rich platforms. 
  • An Interesting functionality of this Product is you can add Attendees from the Lead, Contact, and User Module of your CRM software. This assigning meeting will be attached to the history. Better for making the records. Furthermore, a user can add one Permanent attendee or more than that in a Meeting. That person will be automatically added to future Business meetings. 
  • This Feature-packed plugin includes one more splendid function. So, whatever your business team changes in the Meeting schedule, the attendee will be notified via Email invitation. It will include all the updated details over there. 

Price of this Product

Lighten up your business and get huge success when entailing faster effective Products like this. Shop now with just $399.00 with Lifetime support from us. A persuasive SuiteCRM Plugin is compatible with every version of this CRM software. Further, use this advanced add-on with a 3-Day Risk-Free Trial. 

Wrapping up

Google Calendar Integration with SuiteCRM is effective and cinch to use for managing your business more efficiently than before. Investment here guarantees to save a significant amount of time whether it’s about managing meetings, calls, or other vital tasks. Managing such things swiftly helps in creating a strong rapport between you and your business team. Try now this cost-effective Extension for your CRM business today. 

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