Sugar Market: Why to use this in Marketing Automation Platform

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July 22, 2020

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Working to maintain the strength between customer and business? A simple method to adapt and that is marketing automation that believes to offer skyrocket growth in business. And if you need the whole marketing solution then hope you are aware of Sugar Market. Let’s get insight into why to use marketing automation platform or some great features of Sugar Market too.

The term marketing automation platform nowadays is on the top priority as this assists to minus the complexity to take the organization at peak level. This is the real fact as 25% of marketers start planning to use marketing automation this year for bringing up a great change in their work activity. And, those who are already using this software, 63% of them have invested more money on this marketing software. 

39% of businesses getting engaged with customers will improve, 37% measuring performance and if we talk about the ROI of business then it will hike up to 41% when you have marketing automation software. Let’s understand with the definition what it is-

What does Marketing automation platform mean?

If we say that a software that can streamline and can automate the marketing task then it means that we are talking about marketing automation software that may help every business to monitor the marketing task and workflow. 

Now the question is what you can do when you have this software? You can put hands on email marketing, landing page creation, website personalization, lead generation, retention and much more. If you have this software then 39% of database quality will improve and 40% of the campaign management will increase.

what marketing automation platform

You all need one complete marketing automation platform solution to grow your business more. This is why we mentioned above to expound here about Sugar Market, one of the SugarCRM editions. By reading out the whole blog from here, you also get to understand why to use marketing automation platform in business activity.

What is the Sugar Market?

The term Sugar Market bridges the gap between the audience and the business where they both meet together and measure the success. You will get the signals where to improve your organization or what changes you need to do at any cost to make your campaign compelling and you get the best result-driven solution. 

A big thanks to this SugarCRM edition which takes you towards the leads and maintains relationships with them. Also, you can understand more other SugarCRM editions by reading out the blog separately.

What are the features of Sugar Market

Paying attention to the definition above of both, now let’s find out what features of Sugar Market may help you in your marketing activity.

  • The task of Lead capturing is possible

Sometimes most of you find this capturing leads a daunting task in the business and then you move on from that and that is the issue you never get the result that you  wanted. Moving on is not a great idea if you have something special that can take you towards this goal. 

Sugar Market edition is an amazing idea here where this platform can monitor the leads and can help you to present the leads that your business should get engaged with. Focus now on getting information about customer interaction with others.

  • Focus on creating up landing pages

When you have the marketing business then we are sure that you are well aware of the landing pages but this time it’s about creating up attractive and professional landing pages when dealing with the Sugar Market today. 

You can focus here on creating that and also working on email and conversion forms that saves your countless hours. Well, if these types of features are available then how can you neglect this SugarCRM edition?

Features of Sugar Market
  • Integration of Sugar Market with CRM and other software

You already understood the importance of Business Integration. Now if we say that this platform too called Sugar Market can integrate with other systems then would you believe this? 

It is true as you must integrate it with CRM software or with other software like SugarCRM where it will be an easy job for your team to share the data on a real-time synchronization. All in one place which means no such data loss and no hassle to find anything. You must adapt this integration feature for your business growth.

  • You can share your reports from dashboard

After all you get all such crucial details about all those customers that need what you have in your business. One more thing to share with you is that Sugar Market has a marketing analytics dashboard where you can keep such essential details. Moreover, if there is a requirement to share those reports then you can share it from there. It saves your time.

How can Sugar Market help in marketing automation platform?

We are going to enlist the points and you will get to know why to use a marketing automation platform and how this Sugar Market assists this platform. Have a look at the points given below-

  • Chances are very high to hike up sales figures

If going for the marketing automation then it can save 30% of your precious time in work, increase organization revenue at least 17% and if we talk about the customer retention then it will be 11%. 

You also need to be aware of this software workflow which is quite easy for the Sugar Market because they can find out the prospects and get connected with them swiftly. Your expectation will win as your sales figures will surely boost up. Around 60% of B2B marketers find out that marketing automation platform improve user experience.

  • Marketing ROI definitely increase in your business

In the end, everyone wants to know about how they performed or which campaign wins the heart of every user. You can change the strategy that you made and after that you can expect a good ROI for your business because this Marketing automation system called Sugar Market will show a spotlight on your work performance and the revenue. This is the reason why to use marketing automation platform like Sugar Market.

Sugar Market help in marketing automation platform
  • What about the customer experience here?

Okay, so you get complete insight of your prospects query so what you will just share the relevant solution for maintaining a relationship with them forever. This will also help you to improve the customer experience as working with the marketing automation platform, it improves 60% of user experience and also 60% communication with customers. 

It minus the marketing cost around 35%. Big deal! Well, talking about the customers then you can retain them in your business when you have this marketing automation system called Sugar Market.

  • Skyrocket growth in organization with Sugar Market

At present, this is the main objective that everyone wants in their business and expects all the time. Can’t be possible all the time but strive with an accurate system like Sugar Market of marketing automation then who will stop you? 

No one. You can get complete details of your customers, your Sugar Market gets integrated too, and you can visualize the results of your marketing campaign. So, if you are expecting your business growth as well then you can. You have given the outstanding performance then how can you not imagine your business growth and development.

Final track

Around 8% of the companies watch revenue of business hike up within the 6 months. They get this result when adapted to marketing automation that ease their big hassle and share a flawless experience to every user. Every organization finds out the marketing task full of challenges but who said you to take up as a challenge why don’t you take this as an opportunity? It’s a big deal when working with a great system of marketing automation platform called Sugar Market that can enrich your experience. Hope you now are completely aware of why to use marketing automation platform if business needs a big change and development promptly.

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