Importance of SSO (Single Sign-On) in CRM

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What is SSO(Single Sign-On) ?

Single Sign-On (SSO)  is an authentication process to access several applications with a single set of login credential (such as name and password). SSO provides the services where you must log in only one platform and can access multiple platform.

There are a lot of benefits in Enterprises for SSO ,Some are given below -:

  1. Not required for login every platform
  2. Minimise phishing
  3. Able to access from a remote location
  4. Minimise credentials re-authentication thus improve productivity.
  5. With only a single set of credentials, user remember the password easily and no need to call the IT support for password recovery.

Social Sign On

CRM Vendors and SSO

CRM users frequently use a wide variety of application platform, it is not surprising CRM Vendors give the facility for SSO. They give the variety of SSO and also give their own enable and configuration for SSO.


CRM is not like every other application. The person who are responsible to use CRM, use it everyday, sometimes several times a day. It is very helpful for CRM, SSO provides the facility to access the information and update the information very easily in CRM.


SugarCRM provide SSO using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Active Directory, and SAML. They give the guideline for enables LDAP and AD for which doing SSO are pretty simple. The type of authentication you need to set up totally depends on SugarCRM version and which application you want to connect.

Oracle CRM

Oracle CRM on Demand Rest API Single Sign-On(SSO) provide the facility in session and user credential that allows only one name and one password to access multiple application on single time.You can use the remainder API Single Sign-On (SSO) feature to initiate an Oracle CRM On Demand server session and to manage user credentials and authentication,The remainder API SSO login attribute uses the Oracle CRM On Demand SSO login system.

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