Renewals Console: How is it accurate for subscription-based business?

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Last Updated: December 15, 2023

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Are you taking the full benefits of the subscription period? No? Well, many large scale businesses have their stellar products and services and those were subscription-based. This is important because it offers them free trials, freemium accounts and also renewals. Therefore, SugarCRM software has introduced a Renewals console in their product of the Sugar Sell platform which you all are very well aware of what it is. 

Many organizations have made up their sales team who take control of their entire activity regarding their business to grow. So, this new introduction called SugarCRM Renewal console can be very helpful for your sales team to retain the subscription and also manage the renewals. You can expect here that your business revenue will boost up.

Not only this concept as we have more to share about the sales team like SugarCRM Renewal console can help your team regarding automating business activities which is everyone’s priority to ease their efforts. Chances are very high in uplifting business productivity and efficiency as well. Still, we believe that you need to understand with the definition of the Renewal console that what it is in detail. 

What is theRenewal console?

It is introduced in the Sugar Sell platform which focuses more on duration based renewal services and generates the benefit of automation in renewal management. It plays a key role for the users where they can put their eyeballs on the current quarter renewal pipeline dashboard. It’s quite simple to follow up with the customers without any difficulty. The time now to save your efforts as a sales team no need to dig into the data. Everything will be present perfectly. 

What top-notch features this SugarCRM Renewal console will offer? 

This is important for you to clear your doubts more as it is a homepage dashboard where every user has a chance to add service-based renewal products and services in Sugar Sell. It is offering you the most accurate feature of automation and even streamlines renewal management. This is best because it saves your manual intervention. 

You will find out the work goes with ease without your manual efforts, so we would say that this new introduction in SugarCRM Sell hike up your business productivity too. How many of you want to know the current or past quarter renewal pipeline? You can check the status thoroughly and also find out the activities which are completed. One more thing, here managing the account is not so challenging. 

Sugar Renewal Console

Is it easy for everyone to increase their business revenue? Well, this feature called SugarCRM Renewal console enables you to increase revenue for recurring revenue models. If CRM users want to monitor their activities then it has introduced three crucial tabs by default and the names are: Overview tab, the Accounts tab, and the Opportunities tab. 

Overview Tab

Getting information at one place is good where you don’t need to open up different- different tabs to check. This is what you will find out in the Overview tab here as it presents the information about the renewable contracts and opportunities. If you get the information in one place then it’s very easy to manage and can sell renewable products and services. Are you ready to see the users’ current sales pipeline

renewal console overview

Sometimes organizations want to know about their other crucial activities so the good news is you can check here and even top revenue line items with other top activities or tasks. While getting quick information here in the feature of SugarCRM Sell introduced Renewal console, you can start planning according to that and bring vast changes regarding your business. This tab has four dashlets and the names are: Planned activities, Active tasks, Pipeline dashlet, and Revenue Line items. 

Accounts tab

It’s time now to get aware of the user’s account information via the Account tab and even share the information of the pending renewals at the above list. You will get to know here the date of the renewals, service level also with the annual revenue and account type field data in the list view which is perfect to analyze for the users about the information. 

renewal console accountability

When you want to click on any account record than it shows you the account details drawer and yes, you can grab information about active subscription, related records, and also with the past interactions. What interactions included? Here you can see meetings, calls, and also the tasks the users planned. Let us share with you the names of the four quadrants of Account tabs: Account record dashlet, Comment log dashlet, Active subscription dashlet, and Account interactions dashlet. 

Opportunities tab

When you use this tab in your work then first of all it’s important for you to know that it highlights the opportunity that is easily assigned to the users. Also, it is sorted by the expected close date with overdue opportunities. How many of you want to check the opportunity detail drawer information? 

renewal console opportunities

You can easily click in the list of opportunities to check out the details drawer and it even shows you some piece of information regarding the records and activity. Maybe it can help you with your business purpose. Let’s just highlight the dashlets of the Opportunities tab and those were: Opportunity record dashlet, Related account dashlet, Comment log dashlet, Opportunities interactions dashlet. 

Final Takeaway

Many of you work under this product of SugarCRM called Sugar Sell platform which you obviously know what it is and how it is beneficial for the customer queries. Now it’s time to update yourself and start using this new advanced feature to minus your efforts called SugarCRM Renewal console which in-short ready to save your manual efforts with its abundance of functionality. Like many of you didn’t expect the automation concept in the renewal management, so from now it is offering you to save your quality of time. We believe to share the information in-depth so that is why we put a spotlight on its functionality that how it can enrich your experience. Understand it’s features that we mention above and also get aware of the top three tabs and their role in your work process when working under SugarCRM Sell

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